A Special Gift

I have completely succumbed to the awful cold my kids had earlier in the week. Really, it was only a matter of time. You can only be coughed on in the face while zippering a kid so many times before illness is inevitable.

A friend was kind enough to brave my current state this morning to surprise my kids with spectacular gifts that they LOVE.

And even a special gift for me…

20131221-145759.jpg7oz of heaven.

I am just researching it now – the history, how to spin it, etc. – so I will have more details soon. For now though, just trust me when I say it is amazing – almost as amazing as the lady who gave it me and the short visit we got to have this morning.

Thanks, Jennifer! You spoil us FAR too much. And you are the awesome-est.

2 thoughts on “A Special Gift

  1. The fiber looks so soft and cuddly. I’ll be interested to see what you learn about spinning wensleydale. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Oh my goodness! When I first opened it I teased that I would just leave it as is and snuggle it forever. But I will indeed spin it – the history of the breed is pretty cool. I will keep digging a little before making a go of it on the wheel.

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