Get Christmas Knitting Done: Check.

I have not really taken part in the whole knitting for Christmas tradition in the past — at least not beyond little things like mug cozies or a stray hat here or there. My husband gets his skein of sock yarn with the promise that someday it will become socks, but that’s been about it.

This year I did all right though. Six hats, one little girl’s scarf, three skeins of handspun, two pairs of socks, and a partridge in a pear tree. That last one I’m kidding about — I did not knit a partridge in a pear tree (I love that I have to clarify that because it could happen). It’s true that today I wrapped up the final Christmas gift. And by ‘wrapped up’ I literally wrapped it, the knitting was done a couple days ago. I did snap a couple photos for you though before I lovingly tucked it into its box with fancy paper.

irland finishedSocks for my husband.

For those who like socks to match, you will notice these do not. I will be honest, patterned socks that don’t line up don’t bother me a bit. For these, however I actually had them matching at the cuff (by complete accident), but a knotted join of the yarn about 2 or 3 inches down threw them off. True, I could have hunted down the right spot in the yarn to continue the pattern, but that’s really not how I roll because I don’t mind that they don’t line up and my husband probably wouldn’t notice either way. That’s not a slam, by the way, that’s just knowing my audience and with my husband warm feet is the objective, not socks that are all perfectly matchers. The finished socks are lovely & my husband will probably not believe his eyes when he opens finished socks on Christmas morning. He will read this, see the photo, and then still be shocked. My track record is that bad. Thankfully, he loves me anyway.

irland2These socks are made using the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock pattern. As usual, I knit using sport weight yarn and followed the fingering weight instructions. This is what works for my husband, so we go with it. For a change I knit these in stockinette instead of ribbing on the cuff & top of the foot. I thought it’d be fun to see the pattern in the yarn. Oh yes, the yarn. It is Regia 6-ply Irland Color in the Grau colorway. I bought this yarn in 50gram balls, so I had some ends to weave in along the way. While I’d definitely prefer a 150gr ball, these skeins were a good deal and really as long as you consider ahead of time where to join the yarn so it isn’t irritating on the foot, the extra couple ends to weave in aren’t bad. I love the durability of Regia for sock yarn and the sport weight is great for quick socks that aren’t too bulky.

So there you go: Get Christmas Knitting Done: Check.

Having finished all my holiday knitting, I finally got around to a little something for me. I have a good number of scarves, cowls, and shawls in a variety of colors and I like to rotate which I wear. A basic black hat is a must for me to be able to easily coordinate my other knitwear with my black coat. My current black hat has seen better days, so when I ordered in the Quince & Co Osprey for my daughter’s hat, mitten, scarf trio for Christmas, I added a skein of Osprey in Crow for myself. I knew just what I wanted…

betsy3Betsy by Jane Richmond.

betsy1A sweet lace beanie in a chunky weight yarn.

betsy2I have wanted to knit this hat since the pattern came out in February — in fact, I bought the pattern right away, but you know how it goes… the to-do list is fluid & Betsy just kept getting bumped from the top of my queue. Holiday knitting down, Osprey in hand, I cast-on a couple nights ago and wrapped up knitting last night. I wove in the ends and wore it out on my errands today.

betsy on 2Oh, there I am with the selfie du jour — hi everyone! I usually refrain from selfies, but I  wanted you to see the fit of this hat. Definitely a beanie, but the lovely squishy Osprey is super warm so for a little hat, this beauty keeps my head plenty warm. It hasn’t been washed yet, so it’ll loosen up a little over time, too. I love the little lace pattern in this chunky yarn. You just don’t usually get this kind of feminine touch in chunky hats that often. Early Merry Christmas to me!

And — although I’ve been putting it off for a while so as to avoid the fact that it’s ending — I have officially started my last month’s installment of the Merry Knitalong.

20131219-143053.jpgIt is so bittersweet. Even Moose is kind of bummed.

But we persevere. True to form, as I finish up my final installment of the Merry KAL I am starting to finalize my plans for next year. I’m starting to get pretty excited for 2014 — great things are on the way!

6 thoughts on “Get Christmas Knitting Done: Check.

  1. The socks look great, and congrats on getting them done so early and surprising your husband! I really like the thin stripes with the variegated mixed in, it’s a nice detail.

    1. It is fun yarn! Regia does this kind of self-patterning yarn really well. Opal is another brand that does. And there are great colors out there, too – they are pretty mellow as my hubby has a limited palette in his wardrobe. Very fun stuff to work with though!

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