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I’ve never said it in so many words, but when I write reviews here they are always on my terms. For the most part I am buying the books or yarn or fiber with my own cash, so you can have confidence that if I am telling you that I like something you can trust that I really do — enough to use my money to add it to my collection. I promote people and projects and resources that I believe in –  there’s no sugar coating happening here. That being said, I can sum up my review of Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook‘s Journey in one sentence:

It was love at first sight.

We first got a peek at Journey a few weeks ago when it launched at Knit City, a fab event for knitters in Vancouver. From the very first photo, I just knew…Cover journeyWhile I was miles & weeks away from holding my own copy, it was pretty clear that — like everything these ladies work on — this book was something special. Teaming up once again with the magical lens of Nicholas Kupiak, Journey is a beauty to behold. As much a coffee table worthy collection of photography as it is inspired knitwear patterns, this book belongs right along side her sister, Island — front & center as a showcase of the most artful work in the industry.

The knitwear collection is comprised of six pieces — three each by Ms Richmond and Ms Cook.


Richmond presents us with the retro socks, Climb, the textured raindrop patterned mitts, Spate, and the big cozy cardi, Inland. Cook gives knitters, the slouchy hat, Swift, the gorgeous shawl, Onward, and the comfy & modern pullover, Antrorse. I am hard-pressed to choose a favorite — I don’t think I could if I tried. I can say with great certainty, however, that if anyone was looking for an excuse to try out some special yarns, four of the six patterns are knit in Quince & Co yarns and one is in Sincere Sheep Bannock (and yes, that’s where my interest in this yarn originated). You really deserve to be spoiled with these yarns on your needles, creating these gorgeous designs — I just know you do!

Beautiful yarns, gorgeous designs, well-written & accessible patterns, and exceptional photography — that’s the technical review of Journey and something we almost take for granted in the work of Jane Richmond & Shannon Cook and the photography of Nicholas Kupiak On a human level though, it has even more depth. The summary on the back cover states:

20131212-095219.jpgFor me, this sentence echos through each and every page in the book. While I can’t speak for the authors, personally the overall feel strikes me as just this: a homecoming. Bring Journey home with you today and make it part of your own path. I promise you will be glad you did.

Journey has been so wildly popular that  it is actually sold out on Ravelry, BUT lucky us it literally just came online on!  You know… if you haven’t yet picked up Richmond, Cook, & Kupiak’s first book, Island, it is available on Amazon, too. Pick up both Island and Journey & you qualify for free shipping. If you are thinking of them as a gift (for yourself or a friend), Amazon even says you can still receive them by Dec 24th… 
Are you still reading this?! What are you waiting for?!  Get on over to Amazon tout de suite!

Many thanks to the authors for permission to use the beautiful photos of Nicholas Kupiak in this post.

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    1. Of course! I will gladly take every opportunity to sing the praises of your lovely work. Now if only I could finish knitting for my children so I can get knitting some of your designs for myself! Pretty sure I *need* to pick up a few skeins of Lark for Onward asap!

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