Transcending Time

Last week my husband surprised me with a trip to a semi-local art museum, the Chazen Museum of Art. It holds a special place in my heart as I spent the last two years of school working & studying in this very museum. A lot has changed since that time — the museum went through a pretty major expansion project and was renamed (it was the Elvehjem Museum of Art in my day) — but as with most things in life, even with major changes a lot remains the same. The collection, of course, still houses the same pieces along with numerous additions. It is certainly a trip to walk the halls and remember how I studied so many of these pieces in such detail, writing term paper after term paper on them. I am so thankful my husband thought to take me.

20131126-095826.jpgI love looking down the corridor and seeing art ranging from modern to ancient sacophagi. It gives a person perspective — not only are we but a blip in history, but humans have been creating for a long time.

20131126-095902.jpgI saw this painting and had to share it with you. Sadly I did not jot down the artist’s name, but check out the spindle!

Like many things in our life, my husband and I don’t overlap very much in our tastes for art. He tends to like paintings of tall ships. Realism. Paintings of landscapes & nature. While there is definitely realism I like, I tend to get more excited about things like this…

20131126-095850.jpgBlack Jack by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle


20131126-095842.jpgLuke Jerram’s Large E. coli in glass.

I don’t know why I’m drawn to works like this, but I am. My husband is accepting of my ‘weird’ tastes… I think. Or amused. Or something. In any case, he seems mildly entertained going through the modern sections of museums with me. At the very least, it means a lot to me that he goes even if he isn’t super fond of it.

Did I mention I wore my own little work of art? I finally took my Deco cardigan out on the town.

deco with sculptureIt fits wonderfully & as it is knit at a pretty snug gauge it is quite warm – perfect for our early winter this year. And really, there is no better knitwear designer to wear while perusing a museum than Kate Davies. All her designs are steeped in history and have such a connection to place & time that each is — dare I say it? — as much a work of art as the items on the walls of a museum.

deco frontish

Wearable art, that is. The best kind.

After the museum, we stopped at our favourite sushi restaurant.

deco misoYum. What a perfect way to end our little day trip!

Now a few days before this, I did snap a few more photos of Deco in good light for you to see. I am quite smitten with how it’s turned out.

deco closed flatEverything came together so nicely with this sweater…

deco detail buttonsFrom the very lovely Sweet Georgia Superwash DK in Riptide to the set of beautiful handmade wooden buttons from anthonyswoodshop on Etsy. These are rosewood and really just a perfect fit for this sweater.

deco detail buttons and ribbonI also managed to find a really fun, amazingly well-matching ribbon for the inside detail at my local craft box store. After a few speed bumps at the start, I perfected my blind stitch installing it.

deco flat, openHere’s another photo to show you where that ribbon is placed…

foldedAnd a little pic of the back.

As always with Kate Davies’ designs, this sweater was a bit challenging to knit as it uses some more advanced techniques and requires more from the knitter as far as knitting know-how and understanding the big picture of the sweater. Thanks to her background, like all her designs, Deco is inspired by historical stylings & has a classic, timeless quality.  With an undeniably impeccable fit and beautiful details, this sweater will be used for years to come. In my mind, I look down that corridor in the Chazen and see how this lovely piece could flawlessly transcend time just as the works displayed.

 Now the only question that remains is which of her sweater designs will I knit next? Maybe this one… or this one… or this one?

Thank goodness they do indeed transcend time, for it may be a bit before I get to them. I will, however, continue to look forward to the chance to begin… hopefully soon.

To see my notes on this pattern, you can check out my Ravelry project page.

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      1. I totally thought about fennel. And aster. And ladyslipper. And larkspur. But I think the Black Adder will be the most versatile. And I don’t have a black or grey sweater currently.

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