Denial & Tea

My last few days have consisted of knititng, spinning, enjoying our first snowfall, and denial of the fact that I am under the weather. When it comes to being ill, that is definitely my modus operandi. When it comes to sickness, I deny, deny, deny until I simply can no longer. Like when I cough myself awake in the middle of the night & then it takes a couple hours to get back to sleep (which could only happen in a horribly unpleasant upright position). Yeah, that happened last night. I woke up this morning exhausted, but ready to fall back into the normal ignore & carry-on mentality. When the time rolled around for my swim this morning though, I decided to stop the insanity and, you know, bundle up with my cozy pup, a cup of tea, and some knitting. Well, and my computer, at least for a bit.

Since I don’t exactly have the energy or ambition for a full post on any one project, I thought I’d just give you a sneak peek at what has been happening over the last week.

20131112-123103.jpgJennifer’s yarn is done. I just have to wrap & deliver it. I have some in-progress & finished photos to share with you soon.

20131112-123117.jpgAnd I completely finished my Deco by Kate Davies. I need to take photos soon so that I can begin wearing the heck out of it.

20131112-123137.jpgMy Wayfarer scarf is humming along beautifully. I’m almost not going bonkers knitting a scarf for once. Almost.

20131112-123205.jpgAnd I’ve been spinning away on my first braid of Fiber Optic fiber that I picked up at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. The colors are subtle and hard to pick up in this light, but it is just transitioning from a purple to a royal blue.

20131112-123219.jpgAnd this is what I have left to spin. The blue will become even more bold and then shift to a rich green. For anyone interested, this braid is the Bitter Lime to Rose Gradient on Merino/Silk Top. It has been a quicker spin than I expected (other than the slowed production due to my “sickness”) which is promising as I have at least one more braid that will be a gift for the upcoming holiday, not to mention a little knitting.

For now though…

20131112-123238.jpg… this is as far in the future as I am looking.

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  1. Get well soon Sarah. Keep warm with lots of comforting drinks. I hope you have a better night tonight. The yarns are gorgeous, colours superb. I’m glad you’re not too ill to still enjoy your spinning 🙂

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