Better & Better

I finished my Sixareen Cape three months ago. I have since been waiting to remember to get my husband to snap a few photos of it on. This morning, I am thinking it’s time to just share it without photos of it modeled in the interest of not letting any more time pass without acknowledging its completion.

sixareen1Here it is!

(Just humor me and overlook that it needs to be reblocked — the edges aren’t quite all they could be in this photo, but I really wanted to get the finished cape up here)

I really love how the colors came together (hats off to the ladies at Cream City Yarn for helping me make the final decisions on them).Β  The Quince & Co Finch was also an inspired pairing for this pattern. I highly recommend this yarn for colorwork — not as ‘grippy’ as a more rustic fiber, but the crispness of the stitch definition is beautiful for showcasing the colorwork stitching.

fixed detailNope, not kidding at all on that point.

Overall, this was a joy to knit & turned out beautifully. Anyone who is interested in the challenge of a large-scale colorwork project will love the Sixareen Cape. I really enjoyed the knitting. My only trouble is one that has nothing to do with the yarn, design, or pattern writing.Β  My problem is that from the time I started this project in March to today my swimming routine has drastically slimmed and reduced the size of my upper arms (we’re talking over an inch shaved off per arm) & upper body, so the fit leaves something to be desired. Admittedly roomier than I would prefer — it’s clear my new measurements would require at least one size down, it takes a bit of work to style it so that it looks right on me. While not ideal and despite the fact that I’m pretty fussy about my work & how it turns out, I’m willing to take the trade on a slightly less than perfect fit on this project for better health. And you really can’t deny that it is beautiful & cozy regardless.

sixareen wavingWith the temps dipping below freezing nightly now this cape will be getting a lot of use especially when I’m sipping coffee in the mornings, so perhaps my taking my sweet time posting this is more time appropriate than I originally thought. Oh, and did I mention that if I calculated correctly, I should have enough yarn leftover to be able to whip up one of Kate Davies’ colorwork hats? Yeah, it does just get better & better.

For details on my Sixareen Cape, check out my Ravelry project page.

6 thoughts on “Better & Better”

  1. This cape is just beautiful and such neat fair isle work! I think I’d have to adapt the shoulders to make them more rounded off, other than that the pattern is beautiful and classic! πŸ™‚ great work x

    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree the shoulder shaping is pretty severe. In my case, the fit is pretty loose to begin with, so I am just going to go with it. Probably… πŸ™‚

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