Carried Away

I have a confession to make. It is twofold — half is wonderful, the other half… well, it is what it is.

First, the good half. Since I have been working on my friend Jennifer’s Custom Spin, I have been working on trying to find a balance between spinning & knitting. I am the kind of person who often gets a bit obsessive & I tend to go ‘all in’ for one or the other. I spent the 3weeks of the Tour de Fleece spinning and only spinning. Then I knit for 3months straight without touching my wheel. This past week, I found a good compromise between the two — the craft time I have during the day I spin, the time I have at night I knit. Some days there is more time for one than there is for the other, but most of the time it is pretty even. It seems to be good for me — it keeps me fresh & moving forward in both crafts. It also seems to fit my family life well which means a lot to me.

The half of this confession that is what it is? Well, because I have found this balance and I feel so fresh & motivated in both knitting & spinning I find that my ambition is also a little… I don’t want to say unrealistic about how much I will accomplish in the near future, but in all honesty that’s kind of it.

A case in point: When I stopped spinning for the day yesterday, I found that I had only about 1/3 – 1/4 of my 4oz braid of fiber left to spin up into singles.

20131102-094314.jpgThis is all that’s left. Then a rest for the singles & some plying.

I also wrapped up a matching hat & mitten set for my daughter, a pair of socks, & the knitting portion of my Deco sweater this week. It sounds like a lot, but really it was just small projects and finishing nearly done pieces.

In any case, in the haze of my finishing high, I started winding yarn this morning. And I proceeded to… you guessed it, go a wee bit overboard.

20131102-092832.jpgFirst I unwound & rewound the yarn for my Rusted Root sweater. I wasn’t too far & it has been sitting for a couple months. Rather than deal with potential gauge differences and figuring out where I left off, I opted to rip it out & start fresh.

But I have finished 2 or 3 sweaters since the start of this autumn, so I know myself well enough to realize that I need to work a couple smaller projects before I dive back into sweater knitting. I thrive on variety and all sweaters all the time will not have great results for me.

So I wound these two skeins…

20131102-092737.jpgCloudlover Yarn & Fiber merino/silk aran weight yarn in the Blueberry Picking colorway. I bought this yarn roughly a gazillion years ago. As I talked about a couple months ago, I am trying to break myself of the habit of saving my favorite things for the perfect moment. These skeins have been sitting exactly for this reason. They are so soft and so pretty that they have seemingly set up permanent residence in my stash. I have had a cowl pattern picked out for it for roughly two years. It is time to knit it.

That wasn’t enough though (apparently).

20131102-092813.jpgThere was this Quince & Co Owl in Snowy that I have promised to knit into a Rosebud hat for my mother-in-law. She spotted my Rosebud a couple months ago & asked if I could make one for her for Christmas. How could I say no? Christmas is getting closer, so really I had to wind this & get going on it.

Oh wait, do remember this?

20131102-150418.jpg Yes, those are my three skeins of The Fibre Company’s Tundra that have to be knit into the beautiful Tallin. I see this yarn every day as I work on other things. It will knit up so fast & I know it’ll be a joy. So I keep putting it off.

There are also those two braids of Fiber Optic Yarns gradients that I promised to spin for my mom for Christmas. And some socks I have to knit for the holiday.

And now that I have written this & shared pictures, all this winding & scheming seems a little… unrealistic… or overly ambitious… or crazy.

Maybe I just got a little ahead of myself. I suppose the real judge will be how long this pile of projects actually takes me (for the record, all of them seemed like they’d be complete in the blink of an eye this morning) . Now that a few hours have passed and nary a stitch has been worked though, I feel as though maybe I did indeed get a bit… carried away.

12 thoughts on “Carried Away”

  1. Startitis strikes!!! but sometimes you just have to go for it 😛 Someone once gave me a really good rule for when to start stuff. You can start stuff while the moon is waxing, and once it passes full you have to only work on current projects. It seems to work for me! Spinning though, all bets are off. once I’ve got more than two projects going, I freak out a bit.

    1. Spinning, two projects go at once max. I just don’t have space or the mindset for it. Knitting is more fluid though. It depends on the sizes of the projects — how long they’ll take and what I’ll be doing while I knit them. I like the moon idea though — smart!

  2. I’m reading all this and in awe at your work rate. I’m a terrible procrastinator, which I am trying to improve, but I’ll still be nowhere near as productive as that! Still it’s the journey not the destination. moon

    1. Agreed! I love the journey & I try to never rush my knitting, BUT I also know myself well enough that if I lose momentum it is hard to gain it back. So I try to make the work fluid… once I finish X project I can start Y. Even when I get carried away as in this post, I still always have a plan for when each project will be worked. It can change, but having the next project ready & waiting helps to drive me forward through the slow spots. 🙂

      1. wise words – I do always try to know what I will be doing next, although I’m less good than you at maintaining momentum

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