On the cusp of winter

This weekend we had no shortage of things to do — from dental appointments to birthday parties to trick or treating, to fighting back colds, it was very hectic for us. Thankfully though, we were able to take a little time on Sunday morning to visit our beloved Horicon Marsh. We are past the peak for autumn color, but this may be my favourite time of year. Maybe it’s because this is the time of year my daughter was born & I hold it close to my hear. Maybe I just like being on the cusp of winter. Whatever the case, I found our hike to be exceptionally beautiful and I thought I’d share some photos with you.

20131028-133809.jpgI love the sound of the crisp grasses in the wind and the long views.

20131028-133832.jpgMy husband caught a look at some nuthatches along the trail while the kids & Moose ran ahead…

20131028-133853.jpgAnd I looked up and spotted a jet plane. Whenever I see one I wonder who is on it and where they are going — maybe a little childish, but I can’t help myself. I wonder what they are seeing as they look out their windows.

20131028-133919.jpgThe leaf littered trail was coated in cattail fluff…

20131028-134003.jpgAnd milkweed seeds were going, going…


My son & I may have helped a few seeds catch a ride in the breeze — there is always something to explore with the kids outside that they might have forgotten or never seen before. It makes each hike so much fun!

20131028-134107.jpgMy boy & I took this little portrait of us (his is the shoe on the right)…

20131028-133947.jpgWhile the moon peeked at us through the trees…

20131028-134157.jpgAnd a flock of sandhill cranes flew gracefully by.

20131028-134128.jpgOn the way home, I had a little colorful snack. Yum.

When we finally settled in after swimming and trick or treating, I picked up my Deco Cardigan & got serious about working the collar. After all, there is nothing like a chilly hike through late autumn to remind a knitter of the coming need for handknits.

20131027-210817.jpgI bound off this morning & it will be hitting the bath momentarily.  Only the snaps, buttons and ribbons to go then.

So thankful for this day with my family, for finishing another project, and for the ability to move on to another. On the cusp of winter the natural world may be slowing down, but there is still so much to discover each day. And I — and all of us as knitters — have more to do than ever.

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  1. Love. Love. Love. Thank you for sharing your autumn hike with us…warmly reminds me of my childhood growing up in NW Wisconsin. Love your fingerless gloves, too!

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