Spin me. Spin me.

I had an early wake-up call this morning from a sick little girl who couldn’t stop coughing. I knew there was something coming yesterday so I followed my dad’s advice and we spent a good deal of time outside in the fresh air. He swears by the fact that if you feel under the weather the best medicine includes a healthy dose of fresh air, the colder the better. We had some nice brisk air — really it was a picture perfect autumn day — so while the kids played, I snapped some pictures.

20131006-124849.jpgOur Jerusalem Artichokes. They have struggled the latter part of the growing season — very dry conditions now followed by a very wet week — but they are still managing to bloom. For those who don’t know, these grow about 8-10 feet tall and their roots are edible — kind of like a potato.

20131006-124924.jpgSome of our gooseberry shrubs are turning a radiant red.

20131006-124943.jpgAnd the sedum a friend split for me from her yard are doing wonderfully… even the one the dog dug up for reasons unknown.

20131006-125006.jpg After peeling around the yard — he was so excited to be able to run outside after days of rain — Moose kindly tested the weatherizing of our deck. The water is beading up, so I think that means success.

20131006-124907.jpgAfter his quality control duties were complete, he grabbed his soup bone, found a sunbeam, and delighted in the fresh air.

20131006-124831.jpgI did much the same, just minus the bone and plus some knitting. I finished up the second sleeve cap on my Deco and have started the decreases on the sleeve. I had some further incentive from a couple different sources to wrap up this knit asap. First, I was tempted by a knitting/spinning friend to check out The Plucky Knitter‘s latest update. I have never knit with her yarns, but people are bananas for her stuff & I kind of want to see what all the hype is about.  Her updates notoriously sell out in minutes — I’m not kidding, minutes — so I wanted to see how it all works should I ever actually try to purchase from her. She did an event at Cream City Yarn earlier this year and while I couldn’t attend, I’m kind of hopeful they do it again so I can shop in person. In the meantime, you can bet I will have my eye on those updates!

My other bit of incentive came by way of my September installment of the Cloudlover Fiber Club.

20131007-073652.jpgCan you hear it?

Spin me.

Spin me.

I may be loosing it.

I also caught wind that Natalie is dying more of her Nightmare Before Christmas inspired colorways. They are fantastic, as usual. Ragdoll, Zero, Sandy Claws, This is Halloween. Oh, and don’t forget Harvest Moon… or, you know, all the rest of the Cloudlover fiber & yarns. I swear her shop is dangerous. You should go there immediately.

I, on the other hand, need to go snuggle a sick girl. And knit a sleeve so the fiber stops talking me.