October Merry KAL Announcement

October is a special month for me. I love the weather where I live. I love the trees turning colors and the leaves as they begin to fall. I love that is cools off. And I love that it is the month my daughter was born.

No one is a bigger princess than this little girl. Not a princess in that she only loves fancy clothes & parties. She’s a real leader — tough & fearless & charismatic & bright & kind. She will get excited to wear a little glitter in one moment and is prepared to spear a worm with her hook for fishing in the next. She wears her sparkly light-up shoes with her camouflage pants.  She is just so much person in a little 40lb body & I could not be prouder to be her mama.

In honor of this little lady and because I know we all have a princess or prince or queen or king in our midst….delia cap… for October we’ll be knitting:

Christmas Ball #36: Crown

If yours is anything like mine, he or she isn’t always so serious. This one has a very, very goofy side, too, and she brings a lot of smiles to my face.

delia musacheI think she deserves her own Christmas ball. I’m pretty sure yours does, too.

Happy Merry KAL Knitting!

10 thoughts on “October Merry KAL Announcement

  1. Love the image at the top. What a lovely child. And what a great mama to give her the opportunity to explore the natural world. I consider being given the chance to explore the natural world around me the greatest gift my family gave me.

    1. We spend a TON of time outdoors. My husband & I love hiking & canoeing, so we get the kids as much as we can doing a bit of everything. I agree, they are definitely better off for it!

  2. October was my dad’s birthday so I’ll knit a crown for him… Just think\, as your days get cooler and the leaves turn red our trees are just waking up and beginning to flower. I planted a coneflower before Winter and I’m watching to see if it reappears now Spring is here.

    1. Wonderful! So glad you can honor your dad with a this Monty’s MerryKAL!

      I have quite a strong bit of wonder when it comes to our opposite season situation. Logically I understand how seasons in different hemispheres work of course, but it always is interesting to wrap my head around not being buried in 3feet of snow for Christmas!

      1. Christmas in the southern hemisphere is very odd when you think about it, it does seem quite strange to be decorating a pine tree with snowflakes in the middle of summer!

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