That Time of Year

It is that time of year around here that we all feel an urgency. You hear phrases like ‘before the snow flies’ and ‘before the weather turns’ as a lot as people get serious about getting all their outdoor tasks finished before winter. While it’s true that we may not see snow until November or December, anytime after mid-October is fair game so the month from mid-September to mid-October is the time when we all have to put things to bed outside lest we be caught off-guard by an early snowfall.

My outdoor chore list has been piling up for… oh, about 8years. Having kids will do that to the chore list of a stay-at-home mum — there is always something more important (and let’s face it, more fun) to do than outside chores with little ones around. With both kids in school full-time this fall though, the time has come to pay the piper. Slowly, but surely I am making some progress on my behemoth list. This week I managed to weatherize our deck & spent hours scrubbing mildew off of our front porch. I’m afraid the porch was long overdue for weatherproofing & is in a spot that rarely sees the sun. I’m hopeful that the third scrubbing this morning does the trick & that I can weatherproof Monday or Tuesday. I also scraped the paint off the trim of our shed so that I can repaint it. This involved getting onto the roof & hanging over to scrape 2 sides of the eaves. And I didn’t fall off once. Yay! Most impressive so far (to me anyway) though is that I managed to remove & replace some of the trim that was rotten. I cut wood boards — including two mitered edges — that actually fit back into place. On the first try. I don’t believe it either, so here’s some proof.

20130928-075633.jpgNot perfect, but it fits & is secured & cost me less than $5. Oh, and that really shoddy looking trim is already scraped it didn’t look that bad, I swear.

What this means for my knitting life is that I don’t have much of one. I’ve got a weekly knitting date with a friend and I’ve been attending the Friday morning open knitting event at Firefly Fibers. It helps me to not be consumed and overwhelmed by the Mt Everest of a list of outdoor tasks I’ve accumulated. At home, I steal an hour here, 10minutes there. Whenever I can squeeze in a row or two, I do. I propel myself forward with this:

20130928-081212.jpgI will name it ‘The Taunting Pile.’ It is the stack of things I really want to get at, but have forbidden myself to touch until I finish up my current sweater, Deco. Speaking of….

20130928-081153.jpgIt doesn’t look like much for all the rolling edges & scrap yarn and needles hanging off of it, but it is knitting up wonderfully & looking lovely. You can take my word for it. I finished up the main body & fronts, and just began the upper back. I only have to finish up the back, the sleeves and the button band. Not too bad considering I’ve been busy & I only started 13 day ago. As usual, I think my row here, row there approach seems to be working just fine. Maybe I will get to my pile of goodies sooner than later!

Of course, when not working outside or knitting there is this.

20130928-082445.jpgAnd this.

20130928-081227.jpgAnd this to enjoy.

20130928-082503.jpgSo much to do, so much to enjoy, so much to knit. The only thing missing is my spinning wheel… now how can I squeeze that into the mix?

7 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. are those signature needles in you Deco?
    I think those needles speed up the knitting. It’s amazing what the right tool will do for your work ; )
    I spent the last 4 days at the cabin cleaning up the yard but it didn’t feel like work cause the weather is so beautiful in Wisconsin right now. of course by the time I fell into bed I could tell by the sore muscles how much I got done.

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