So Lazy & So Spoiled

For the first time since my son was born 8+ years ago, when school started at the beginning of September I have had the freedom to start to develop a social knitting life. When teaching I occasionally had the opportunity to knit or spin with Alisa from Firefly Fibers, but it usually revolved around ‘work’ items in one way or another. Now though, now I am knitting with friends simply to knit with friends and it is a whole new world.

Of course, some things never change and my knitting buddy numero uno is — and always will be — my fearless pup, Moose.

20130922-103354.jpgThe weather has started to turn cooler, so he is very snuggly lately and makes a top-notch knitting companion. He loves to be bundled in blankets next to me, an exercise jokingly referred to in our house as ‘Operation Hot Dog’.

All kidding aside, I have had the good fortune of setting up a regular knitting date with a very, very sweet friend. It has been fantastic to be able to sit & knit over coffee with a fellow knitter and has meant so much to my sanity maintenance as the kids have started school. In conversation a couple weeks ago, I happened to mention that I very much wanted to knit Kate Davies’ Deco. On a whim, I asked if she would want to knit it with me. She had a vacancy for a big project in her knitting schedule for the next month or so and I had never actually done a little knitalong with a friend. Why not?

I broke out my Sweet Georgia DK in Riptide that I had set aside for the project…

sgdkAnd bought the extra skein I realized I needed (the danger of switching projects on yarn you’ve already purchased — thank goodness the dye lot was still available!).

While at a launch party for Kelbourne Woolens’ The Fibre Company Yarns at Firefly Fibers a little over a week ago, I helped my knitting buddy locate her choice of yarn. She went with Malabrigo Arroyo in a deep green & it is absolutely fabulous, of course. I was at a yarn event, though, so personal KAL business aside I did not go home empty handed either…

20130922-103336.jpgThese 3 skeins of Tundra in Red Fox ended up coming home with me. I guess I am part of the 4th Quarter Knitalong at the shop now, too — another new development for me since as instructor I never really had time to participate. My Red Fox will eventually be knit into a Tallin… preferably sometime before the December 28th deadline.

But that’s a story for another day… like the day when I do more than wind the skeins into center-pull balls and pet it while drooling.

In any case, we boldly started in on Deco this week and set a rough goal for our next meeting.

20130922-103321.jpgMy friend is speedy though and made quick work of the first section. It is great inspiration for me to have a speed demon knitting with me! She fearlessly forged ahead and I followed, a bit behind.

20130922-103309.jpgAs we moved into the next section, she even typed up a handy chart for keeping track of the multiple elements at play. Can I just say that after having been in charge of building & instructing on these types of tools for the past few years how crazy it was when she handed this ‘cheat sheet’ to me? I felt so lazy & so spoiled!

Knit away I will for the remainder of the weekend & until our next meeting. This sweater is coming together so nicely — I just love Kate Davies’ designs. I feel like I always have to work for the results because Kate Davies’ is no knitting slouch, but they are so worth it in style & fit. I already have grand plans for all the wear I will get out of it. And I am so thankful that this wear will likely occur in the nearish future, a fact I owe largely in part to the inspiration of my knitting comrade.

20130922-103258.jpgAnd this time, I’m not talking about the pup.

4 thoughts on “So Lazy & So Spoiled

  1. Your pup is adorable! And it takes a special dog to be a good knitting companion – I was knitting at my in-laws’ house, and while their dog is very affectionate, it took a great liking my my ball of yarn and just wanted to chew on it.
    And that knitting ‘cheat-sheet’ looks awesome! I may have to make one for myself for the next complicated pattern I attempt.

    1. Thanks! I am quite fond of that fluffy pup. I am happy to report he has never messed with any of my knitting – yarn or equipment. He often sleeps on it, though. 🙂

      I used to make these types of cheat sheets when I taught & often do a handwritten version for myself. It is quite a treat to have one made for me though that is so neat & tidy!

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