I know I really, really love a sweater when I spend a week not posting photos here because no photos do it justice. My Lavaliere by Cecily MacDonald Glowik in The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light in Topaz is that kind of sweater. Can I give you a hint of why?

lavaliere detailCan you kind of see where I’m coming from? The color could not be more perfect — it is sunshine in yarn, the perfect balance of orange & yellow.

I was finally inspired to share these photos after tagging along with my husband while he dove hunted. For me, it was a nice walk through a sunflower field just past its prime.

sunflowersNo longer following the sun, these behemoths gazed down wearily, providing food for the birds.

sunflowerLooking closely, though, you could see a hint of my Topaz in the remains of these flowers. Squint a little & compare. It’s there, I promise.

edge detail This photo looks a teensy bit blurry. Think of it as a textural photo — giving you a taste of what 65% baby alpaca | 15% silk | 10% camel | 10% cashmere feels like. Think soft & warm… to the nth degree. For those who aren’t as fond of wool, this fiber is easy to wear directly on your skin. Think of scratchy, then imagine the opposite feeling. That is Road to China Light.

lavaliere fullI just love this design. The stitch patterns & details are just so lovely and it all comes together so well…

me with mooseAnd the fit is divine.

lavaliere back detailThe back detail is the sweet icing on the cake.

I found this pattern to be really wonderfully done with only one small exception. From what I could tell, the instructions are incorrect for at what point of the smocking pattern one is to start working on the collar. Unable to find errata I inquired with the designer, but have heard nothing back. I did make corrections in order for my sweater to match the sample photos provided and listed a brief note on my Ravelry project page for anyone interested. It is quite a simple fix & I think the end results are much more in harmony with the overall design than the written instructions. As I said though, other than this detail I found the pattern very well written & brilliant in its design.

I must also give my shout out to the ladies at Cream City Yarn in Brookfield, WI for allowing me to special order this yarn through them. I was quite literally shocked at how easy they made the special order process & how happy they were to do it. As always, they were just so accommodating & friendly; from placing the order, to offering to ship it to me, to holding it for a few days so I could stop in to pick it up, right down to winding my first couple of skeins (despite being busy at the time). The yarn is everything I hoped it would be and I am so glad they made acquiring it — as always — such a treat of an experience.

As for my beautiful sweater, it has been getting a lot of use as the weather cools down. While I’m sure we’ll be back to the sunflower field, this day we saw but one dove and he escaped unscathed. I enjoyed the nice morning walk with my boys, however.

marty & mooseThen again, though, sunflower fields and lovely sweaters aside, it always is.

14 thoughts on “Lavaliere

  1. Yes the colour is lovely and it does fit you well and looks gorgeous. A definite hit! Now you’ll be looking to make it again in a different colour, won’t you!

    1. Tempted, yes. I rarely repeat projects though unless it is a basic hat or socks though. There are only one or two sweaters I’ve knit more than once. I am definitely going to keep the yarn in mind for future projects though – it is amazing!

    1. Geraldine, I appreciate your honesty & respect your point of view. I myself am not a hunter, but my husband is. I live in an area where it is a very common activity & regulated closely by the state for wildlife management purposes and the vast majority of the sportsmen (and women) in the area are very respective of the rules and regulations. The area where these photos were taken is specifically
      set aside & maintained for small game hunting (that’s how the sunflower field got there). I understand this is not a pastime that everyone shares or even agrees with – especially since I am not a hunter myself. I do, however, like this photo of my husband & dog simply because it shows them sharing a happy moment.

      Glad you like the sweater – I am kind of in love with it myself!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Beautiful…love the sweater…amazing…I so appreciate the talent you have. I don’t think I could ever make something so gorgeous. Love the color… and… I like the gun photo too. 😉

  3. Gorgeous sweater! The fit looks great, and that is what really sold me on this sweater. Great job!

    And the yellow of the sweater goes so nicely with the chocolate brown of your beautiful dog’s coat. 🙂

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