Ready for This

I wasn’t quite sure how today would go. I knew it would start with some tears — how could I not shed a few watching my little girl proudly walk into school for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited though. And so ready for this.

deliaI couldn’t be any prouder of her and my son, who has been giving her advice & pointers all week.

After 8 years as a full-time, stay-at-home mom though, I just didn’t know. Would I cry a lot when I got home? Or would I be able to celebrate this milestone happily?  Maybe I’d lip sync into my hairbrush with the music blaring for the better part of the day? Or watch some trashy TV with my feet up? Or maybe, just maybe would I simply relish being able to go to the bathroom without anyone bursting in?

While it’s true that there were tears, my husband had a later start to his day than normal so my blubbering was limited. He knows me well-enough to have settled on a completely unrelated yet important topic to discuss as soon as my daughter crossed the threshold. It worked, the waterworks disabled almost immediately (for the most part). Then an unexpected necessity presented itself — a broken bathtub plate. After 6 years of being repaired with a paperclip (effective and cheap!),  it finally really needed actual replacement. I went to the hardware store & picked up a new plate & cotter pin, took apart the fixture, & repaired it. Then I attempted to fix our leaky bathroom sink — why not at that point, right? Unfortunately I discovered the leak was not just the aerator as expected, but the actual faucet. Thankfully I picked up a new faucet on clearance a year ago — looks like I have my next home repair on the agenda already!

Why all the plumbing you ask? It’s a pretty good distraction for feeling kind of lonely in this quiet, quiet house. After the adventures in plumbing I moved on to laundry which is almost done. I combined laundry folding with the loud music & singing. I had to squeeze that in, of course. And then I went on to trashy TV and knitting.

20130905-133745.jpgAnd look at that… It’s the first row of rib trim on my Lavaliere. I tried it on. It is awesome. I will plug away on the trim & then move on to the collar. I plan to reverse the suggested order of sleeves and then collar. This way I can finish the collar and use all the remaining yarn to lengthen the sleeves as much as possible. I should be able to eek out 3/4 length sleeves at least. It will be lovely. I can’t wait!

I am thankful that I have my furry sidekick to keep me company. He is kind of tired today though…

20130905-134120.jpgI think he’s been sleeping about as well as I have lately. He sticks close by though & is a great comfort, of course. Somehow we’ve muddled through this first day on our own. It wasn’t so bad. I think it’ll get easier, too, this quiet house thing. It may take some plumbing projects, maybe water sealing the deck, some knitting & spinning, but we’ll get there. Maybe I’ll even discover that deep down — like my daughter — I’m ready for this, too.

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  1. just think of all the stories your daughter will tell you this afternoon when she gets home. what an exciting day for both of you.
    and as a consolation prize you have the Wis. Sheep and Wool Fest. starting on friday.

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