Oh boy…

Do you ever wish you could do everything on your to-do at the same time? That’s kind of where I’m at these days. I have a backlog of writing I would like to get up here on the blog. I have a ton of knitting I want to be doing. My spinning wheel is calling my name. Meal & lunch planning for the new school year is on my mind. I’m trying to figure out how I want to build out a new flower bed this fall. I have school supply lists to double check. There’s that bin of sample knits I just got back that need washing & photographing & uploading onto Ravelry. My husband’s pants need mending. Yes, my mind is just all over the place right now. I can’t help but be reminded of one of my favourite moments in one of my favourite TV series’ of all time, Gilmore Girls. Want an idea of what my mind feels like right now? Watch this 30second clip & it’ll be about covered.

Monkey, monkey, underpants.

Aside from all of the crazy within my cranium, life marches along and the to-do lists gets done somehow while my mind races. Luckily I had the good fortune of slowing down this weekend. Sunday was my husband’s day off and we decided to take one last summer trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. The kids so loved petting the sharks & stingrays earlier in the summer that we decided to give it one last hurrah. It certainly pays for us to have a membership!

20130827-121813.jpgSugared and caffeinated by our favourite local coffee shop, we walked the grounds of this lovely zoo on a toasty August morning in Milwaukee.

20130827-121803.jpgI grew up going to this zoo. It is always such a joy to see how it is changing & modernizing and to share it with my kids. My kiddos are VERY, VERY into animals & animal facts, so we have definitely shifted to a more give-and-take discussion when at the zoo rather than parents teaching children. I must confess, it’s kind of cool how that happens. I always learn a lot and am so impressed by how much the kiddos retain of what they read & see on nature documentaries.

20130827-121743.jpgI love that the bee house has a quote from Emily Dickinson. I ❤ bees.

20130827-121829.jpgAnd of course, time was spent the stingray & shark petting area again. Note that we were smart enough to dress everyone in short sleeves this time.

20130827-121854.jpgWe discovered this strange fellow in the attached gift shop. I had no idea Cthulhu lived in Milwaukee.

Slightly melting in the heat of the day & happily spoiled with a new stingray toy (named Marina) and a stuffed animal squid (named Squoggy), the children led the way to the car and we headed for home.

On the way, we made a stop at Cream City Yarn to pick up yarn I had special ordered. Yes, it is true. We actually orchestrated this day trip on my behalf. I had good reason though — I had this waiting for me:20130827-121638.jpg65% baby alpaca / 15% silk / 10% camel / 10% cashmere

I am the kind of person who will eye yarn for years before trying it if I don’t have it staring me down locally. I finally had the opportunity to touch it last year at TNNA & instantly I knew I had to knit with it. I had planned to order online this fall, but when I saw that the ladies at Cream City Yarn were bringing this beautiful yarn into their shop I hopped on Ravelry, found a pattern I loved, and contacted them about placing an order. They happily & kindly obliged. I got the email last week that my 6 skeins of Road to China Light in Topaz were in, so my husband and I arranged the Milwaukee day so I could pick it up (and have a look around at the rest of the shop at all their beautiful yarns). As always, the staff was very friendly & helpful and – despite being very busy – they kindly wound the first two skeins so I could start knitting with it as soon as I got home.

But let’s not leave the shop too hastily. I also picked up more Quince & Co Owl.

20130827-121612.jpgMy mother-in-law so loved my Rosebud hat that I am now making one for her in Snowy.

And I grabbed a skein of this…20130827-121619.jpgQuince & Co Osprey in Marsh. Oh, I have a special plan for this, too. Of course.

On the way home, I knit furiously on my MIL’s Capitol Square Market Bag

20130827-121554.jpg… finishing all but the Kitchener stitch as we rolled into town. I quickly wrapped it up as soon as everyone was settled.

And then this happened…

20130827-121646.jpgI can report that this yarn is nothing shy of heaven. Heaven. It’s like knitting with a cloud that is equal parts wispy & puffy & silken. I have never knit with anything like it … it’s just that good. My Lavaliere by Cecily Glowik MacDonald is already incredible and is still only just shy of shedding the sleeve stitches. Everything is set aside while this sweater happens. No rationing joy here!

Oh, except for my August installment of the Merry KAL.20130826-203136.jpgBecause that has to happen this week. And I have to feed the dog. And change the water in the kids’ pool. And mend those pants for my husband. And give my son a haircut.

‘Bicycle, unicycle, unitard. Hockey puck, rattlesnake…’

Oh boy….

4 thoughts on “Oh boy…”

  1. i think i know that feeling of everything and even more crowding around in the mind… one can’t just put it to rest! then i start writing down hordes of to-do lists on random scrap of papers, my phone, my gmail task list, my e-calendar and so forth and so on. Just to download some of these thoughts (aka worries) from my dead brain. At those times, i wish there was a turn-off safety button!

    But going back to the knitting: the yarn you picked up looks DI-VI-NE, omg! seriously, already in the pics it speaks a million wooly words. Great choices 🙂


    1. Yes, I feel a little bonkers and drowning to-do lists. But I can’t *really* complain – a lot of the ‘must-dos’ are quality time with the kids and just preparing them for school. And I know that once I am over the next 2 or 3 weeks things should quiet down considerably. 🙂

      Yes! The yarn & pattern are incredible. So much better than I expected… And I had high expectations. 🙂

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