And the Winners Are…

When I look back over all the changes the past year has brought into my life and what I have learned from them, there is one lesson that stands out from the rest. That is the power of two little words: ‘thank you’. They are two little words that are easy to take for granted. We are all busy & sometimes we forget to employ them in our harried moments.  Sometimes we even don’t acknowledge them when they are said to us. They pack a punch though and what we can never forget is that there are people on the other end of those words. People who will remember when we take the time to sincerely use them. People who will not forget when we fail to say that simple ‘thank you.’

This year has brought many ups & downs for me and my family, but throughout I have seen examples — both big & small — of gratitude that have really touched my heart. I have come to understand that there is no greater grace in everyday life than just remembering to say ‘thank you’, in having gratitude for & being mindful of all the things in this life that others do for us. From friendly & helpful associates while shopping, to my neighbors who picked up our mail while we were away, to my husband who works long hours so I can stay home with our kids — there are gestures both incredibly small & tremendously big that all deserve acknowledgement. It is one breath, one moment, but those two words that can be worth so much.

In this way, it has become my own personal goal to use them unabashedly. To be mindful of each of these encounters and to remember to take the time every day for these two little words whenever they are appropriate & deserved. There is nothing I do in this world that is done in a vacuum and to those who help me & take part in making my life so good, well, they deserve to hear a ‘thank you.’ It is because of this ‘mission’ that for each comment on my anniversary blog I attempted to offer a personal ‘thank you.’ Each of you took the time to write such wonderful, touching, inspiring, and encouraging words. It has so warmed my heart to know that in my own little way I have been able to touch your lives, even if just a bit. It has been my privilege & great joy to be able to share my experiences, adventures, & stitches with you. It’s been an honor & great fun to chat back & forth with those of you who have emailed or commented on posts. Thank you for being a part of Sure, I do the bulk of the writing & sharing here because it is my site, but it is together that we get to make this place truly special. Thank you for helping me build this little corner of the interwebs — it would not be half of what it is without you!

And now, the news you’ve all been waiting for… the winners of the giveaway!

My daughter was very excited to help with the drawing, so we went old school — each of you got your name on a little slip of paper, those who had referrals/were referred got their extra entries, too.  Each paper was the same size & folded in the same manner.

20130826-090730.jpgThen my assistant mixed up the entries in our very official bowl and drew two names.

First, winning this skein:20130822-140534.jpgis….


And second, winning this skein:20130822-140542.jpgis….

20130826-090745.jpgtera (referred by shadowlillies)!


Winners, I will need you to email me at — knittingsarah [at] gmail [dot] com — two bits of information:

1) Would you like your skein wound into a center pull ball or sent as a hank?

2) The name & address to which you would like it shipped.

Please let me know within the week so I can get the yarn shipped out to you. Should any of the winners not contact me within 10days, I will redraw for that prize.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and this wonderful first year! Here’s to many more!

12 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. Yay! Congratulations to the winners! I’m so excited one of them is my daughter! Love the way you posted this with your daughter holding the names…so very cute! And thank you for sharing your world, your knitting, your talents…your post brought tears to my eyes. I know I’m very new here, but I’ve really been blessed by you! Thank you!

    1. My girl was so excited to help — I just couldn’t say no! And really, what better way to get good news than by way of a little cutie?

      Thank you again for your kind words and participation here! I’m so glad to have ‘met’!

    1. Agreed! As much as I love to multi-task, I think taking the time to show gratitude has suffered because of our increasing distracted lives. Having the goal of remembering to say it has really changed the pace & outlook I have on my life — very much for the better!

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