My family and I have wrapped up the majority of our scheduled summer activities — vacations have been adventured, family visits have been enjoyed, and we are all tanned & a little tired. This year as we wind down toward the beginning of school it is a little different. For the first time, both my kids will be entering full-time school. After more than 8years as a stay-at-home mum, I can only imagine how quiet my house is going to feel. I am and always have been unreasonably addicted to being around my kids. I’ve been lucky enough to be there almost every morning when they wake up & every night when their precious heads hit their pillows and it is rare indeed when my husband & I choose to have a day or a weekend on our own. We are a tight-knit group & we just would have it no other way.

I have done a pretty great job this summer of putting this milestone out of my head. As the fateful first day approaches though and we start receiving open house notices and teacher assignments, the start of school looms imminent. Now only a handful of days away, my daughter is a little more attached to me than normal & she’s very emotional. My son is reluctant to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I am hard-pressed to push either of them much because in the back of my head I know how much I am about to miss them.

As my husband says though, it is only a few hours a day. I am making a bigger deal of this than it really is. I will still get to wake them up in the morning & put them to bed at night. I will walk them to & from school and help with homework. Nothing will really change except those few hours a day where I will be free to knit & spin & attack the honey-do list that has been piling up over the last 8years. But it will be quiet and — I’ll admit it — that scares me as much as it excites me. It also compels me to savor every waking moment around my kiddos. I always do, but I am definitely more conscious of it these days.

All a little tuckered from our busy summer & longing for some relaxation, after a quick work event with my husband yesterday we went for a quick family drive through Horicon. It was relatively quiet — we viewed some egrets, a moorhen or two, coots and a handful of other waterfowl. It was also blisteringly hot…

20130822-074303.jpgAnd very, very green.

As we drove along the freshly paved highway that cuts through the northern portion of The Marsh, we spied a turtle hunkered down on the yellow line.  While it is a fantastic place to pull off the road & view wildlife, it is also — sadly — often a prime spot to see the results of cars & big trucks screaming down the highway at 6omph: lots of birds & turtles that don’t survive the gauntlet. We saw our opportunity to help one and we took it. My husband ran out to grab our poor stranded turtle friend and handed him off to me.

20130822-074238.jpgThe poor little scared turtle got — presumably — his first car ride down the road to the first watery spot we could find for him.

20130822-074248.jpgThis looks good for a turtle, no?

aldo turtle releaseAnd my son got to do the honors of releasing him back into the wild. Godspeed little turtle!

20130822-074319.jpgThe wind was blustery through the cattails — at this time of year most of them are taller than me — and yet the heat still beat down on us, so we decided to head home. After all, extreme heat & wind are pretty not great birdwatching conditions. We decided to have a family Jurassic Park movie marathon that included lots of snuggling, the dog hiding under my feet (he does not like dinosaurs — thank goodness he wasn’t born 65million years ago), and some knitting. I posted this photo of my Rusted Root yesterday.

20130821-173227.jpgAnd I am happy to report that I am now within about 15rounds of dividing off the sleeves. This, of course, is the slowest portion of any top-down sweater. As per normal, half of me just wants to push through it as efficiently as possible and half of me wants to throw it aside for a while because those rounds are  s o  l o n g. I got emails this week though that a very special yarn order is in and my first installment of the Cloudlover Fiber Club is on its way. Nothing says ‘incentive’ like new fiber & yarn on the way! The question has been weather to break out my wheel again or keep knitting? I have been wheeling and dealing with myself ever since and I think I’ve settled on getting out my wheel once I divide off those sleeves. I think that’s a good balance of fairness & bribery.

The spinning & the knitting takes a backseat, a supporting role to this though…


My best buddy locking my arm in a hug 100times stronger than you’d think her little 40lb body could muster. I think she feels the change coming, too. I might care that this is a completely unflattering photo for me if it didn’t so capture this moment in time for us so perfectly. Yep, we are going to savor these last couple weeks, one day – and one snuggle — at a time. And what comes next, well, it’s going to be ok because we’ll both have our best buddy at our side.

5 thoughts on “Savoring

  1. Personally I love the snuggle photo and don’t think it is at all unflattering ; )
    I also rescue turtles on the road. we find a lot of them in the spring and once at the cabin we were in the middle of a hatch. a snapper had laid eggs in the gravel at the edge of our road and while we were sitting by the fire pit we suddenly were seeing itsy bitsy turtles all around us in the grass.

  2. I so remember the feeling of sending my little ones off to school. And after a few years I decided to home school. Never regretted it…

    Love the picture of the wind waving through the cattails. Love the holding tight pic. Precious memories for sure.

    1. We have seriously considered homeschooling and it remains ‘on the table’ for us, especially since my my son faces some unique challenges. We actually keep both of them in school for the social experience. So far it has been constructive and they have been thriving, so I think it’s best for them. Plus, I can see the school from my house, so it’s not like they are sooo far away. 🙂

      1. I understand…It’s good to know there are other options if one needs them or wants them. When I first sent my children off on the bus, I didn’t realize I had other options. That was a long time ago. 🙂

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