Today on my needles…


After a morning of cleaning, my kids asked me if we could head out to a playground. While definitely a fun knit, my Rusted Root currently requires a bit more attention than I could spare at a busy playground. As the kids grabbed shoes, I grabbed my kitchen cotton.  Finally, after  literally years of putting off knitting up more washcloths I was inspired to kit some. With some limited edition hand-dyed cotton from Dyeabolical Yarns I started making adjustments to Purl Soho’s latest washcloth pattern,  New Log Cabin Washcloths, so that it would accommodate my worsted weight yarn. I am loving broth the knitting & results!

5 thoughts on “Today on my needles…

  1. very nice! doesn’t the color run when you use it though? I did a soap cozy in a variegated wool, and while it’s felting nicely, it’s also leaving burgundy stripes in my shower.

    1. I’m not sure about the hand-dyed skeins as I haven’t used them before, but the solids keep their dye fine. Try doing a quick vinegar soak with the ones losing color – vinegar helps set the dye. 🙂

      1. Really! I learned that trick from a fellow spinner – just a good glug of white vinegar should help set most dyes. I haven’t used it all that long as my safety net so I don’t know exactly how reliable it is, but it has not failed me yet! Whenever possible, of course, try it with a swatch or sample, of course!

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