Always In Stride

Despite our family being a little all over the place the last couple weeks, we have been managing to still make the most of our days together. Our wonderful day in Door County was followed last week by a day trip to a very special place, a place called Parfrey’s Glen. It is a deep gorge that has been designated as a state natural area — if you can make the hike in you will be rewarded with a gorgeous hike that ends in a lovely little waterfall. About two-thirds of the hike is relatively easy trail. The last third used to be a maintained elevated boardwalk that made traversing the rocky landscape quite easy going. Floods in recent years washed out the boardwalk and budget restraints along with the inevitability of any new structures being washed out again led the state to opt to not rebuild the walkway. Honestly, I like the change — it makes the hike much more wild. I also think it makes much more of an impact on my kids — to walk along on a boardwalk through a gorge makes much less of an impression than fording a stream multiple times & climbing sandstone boulders. But enough with the words, the pictures will show you what I mean.

20130729-080203.jpgThe forest at the start of the hike was a beautiful vivid green…

20130729-080228.jpgAnd the trees were perfect for little climbers.

A short jaunt off the trail, revealed a babbling brook…

(I didn’t think it could be captured without the ‘babbling’, so I took a short video)

20130729-080213.jpgAnd even some small waterfalls.

20130729-080524.jpgThere were the most beautiful moss covered conglomerates….

20130729-080253.jpgAnd sometimes the trees tried to take back the trail…

20130729-080451.jpgI can’t blame them, I’d want to keep this place to myself, too.

20130729-080556.jpgThe scale of this place was not lost on the kids…

parfrey's glenHow could it be?

parfrey's glen1And — as my husband & I always marvel at — our kids take all these little adventures in the ‘wild’ in stride.20130729-080347.jpgHow else would we spend our days together?

Many thanks to my wonderful husband for allowing me to use some of his photos!