The Final Skeins

I was hoping to be able to share at least one of my latest finished knitting projects with you today, but as it turns out both are still damp. So instead of knitting it will be one more day of spinning news.  As I mentioned a couple days ago, when the Tour de Fleece ended I had a couple bobbins of singles left to ply. Today they are finally dry from their first bath & ready to show off.

First, my Meadow Maggots from Susan’s Fiber Shop in the Road to Rhinebeck colorway.

full skein_edited-1This is an interesting blend of 55% Polwarth, 15% Black Diamond Bamboo, 15% Tussah Silk, 15% Tencel. I spun it into about 150yards of Navajo plied (3-ply) worsted weight yarn.

close-up_edited-1It turned out really showcasing the bold autumnal colors of this braid.  It was a really fun spin… A drive down to Susan’s to see if I can get try a different colorway in the Meadow Maggots series is tempting, but I think I can handle waiting until the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in September where I’m sure the shop will have a presence.

Next up…

20130730-082627.jpgThis is Cloudlover SW BFL in the Pomander colorway — and yes! Natalie still has stock of this one, so follow the link to snag your own braid!  I bought this braid during the TdF and pretty much spun it as soon as I got it. I spun a pretty generous fingering or light sport single and then Navajo plied it into the bouncy, 3-ply yarn you see here.

close-up2I love the mix of browns & yellows and oranges — I did my best to blend them all together.

close-upI was hoping to get about 60yards out of this 4oz braid, but my yarn ended up just a smidge heavier than I was aiming for so I only eeked out 50yds. I have a hat in mind, but I have the feeling I will be too light on yardage. I may give it a try anyway…

Just a heads up, anyone heading to Stitches Midwest — August 8 – 11 in Schaumburg, Illinois — be sure to head to booth 725 where you will find Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber and Kitty Grrlz Handspun Yarn.  I wish I could stop myself, but I can’t attend Stitches this year because of prior commitments. I can assure you that you’ll find beautiful yarns & fibers there!

15 thoughts on “The Final Skeins

  1. Your spinning sure has come a long way in a short time! Congrats! I love that first skein, the colors are wonderful, as is the plying!

    1. Thanks! It’s amazing what a month of focus can do! Plus, i think fingering to worsted n-plies are my specialty these days. Can you tell I did the second outside on a windy night in low light? Lol! I still love it though!

      1. LOL you may be right, I spent a half hour this morning trying to convince my mom to take up spinning, so that I could use whatever yarn she makes. I don’t think it worked. hehehe

      2. My mom talked me into it although I am not sure why! I love it though & am more than happy to outline all the reasons you should give it a go. Just let me know if you need the list!

  2. Two lovely yarns! I’m especially fond of the pomander colors. It would make a great fall hat. Crossing my fingers for you that there will be enough.

    1. Thanks! I actually have been trying to think ahead at least part of the time when I purchase fiber so that I am spinning season-appropriate colors. 🙂 For example, when I hit that point of getting excited for fall, I start to spin fall colors.

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