Don’t Ration Your Joy.

Well. I almost don’t know where to start today. Too much has happened since my last installment here to sum up in a single post. So we will take our time and I will try to slowly catch you up on everything that’s been going on since — *gulp* — the 15h of July.

Let’s start with the Tour de Fleece. A big reason my posting became so sporadic over the last month is that I really threw myself into the TdF. As a fiber artist who has always been a knitter first and a spinner second,  putting my needles aside and my wheel front & center was really a big deal for me. It ended up being an incredible journey & experience that found me just at the right moment. I will forever be thankful that I took part.

Since I shared a lot of my spins here during the TdF I won’t repost all the photos, but please feel free  take a look at the Team Cloudlover 2013 Ravelry thread where you can view not only my own spinning progress throughout The Tour, but my very, very talented & skilled teammates. Really, these ladies are so awesome & inspiring — I can’t say enough wonderful things about them & the beautiful yarns they created!  You can also browse through my stash in the ‘my handspun’ tab of my Ravelry profile to see the handspun I created. I think I have most of the information up-to-date on these skeins.

I thought about posting up my favourite spins, but when I sat down to select these I found that I was really proud of every spin, each for their own reasons. Since I couldn’t choose faves, I will just post a couple random shots that I feel are a good representation of my Tour.

There were the new techniques:20130712-184433.jpg

Yarn made using fauxlags…

20130708-143625.jpgThe double-marl…

20130728-104105.jpgMy first real stand-alone singles….

sqooshyAnd working hard on making heavier weight 2-ply yarns (it’s not exactly something that comes easily to me).

At the end, I had a basket full of yarn (minus one skein that was immediately adopted).


When all was said and done I had spun 64oz of fiber. For non-spinners that probably doesn’t mean much — in this case, it translates to a bit over 2400yards of yarn and 15 new skeins of yarn. This doesn’t include the two skeins that I spun the singles for that are not plied yet. Yep, it was a lot of spinning indeed & it led to me to logging the most points on Team Cloudlover! I am incredibly excited to share that I won a subscription to the next round of the Cloudlover Fiber Club! OK, ‘incredibly excited’ doesn’t even begin to cover it… at all! Whew-hoo!!!

In addition to — and maybe more significant than — the beautiful new handspun yarns now in my stash, the spinning experience, and the fiber club subscription, I am taking away an important lesson from the Tour de Fleece 2013 as well. Normally when I purchase fiber and yarn my instinct is to save the most beautiful items for a special moment or pattern — my favourite fibers I tend to hoard and not spin for fear of what will happen if I no longer have that beautiful fiber at my fingertips. This Tour de Fleece one of my ‘rules’ was to spin my favourite fibers first. It was difficult, almost painful as my Cloudlover reserves dried up and then I started to tap my other favourite fibers. Painful. And terrifying.

But do you know what? I survived. More than that, I learned that the joy I had spinning these fibers far outweighed not having that potential to spin them at my fingertips. The lesson for my Tour de Fleece 2013: Don’t ration your joy. Spin & knit the fibers you love. Don’t save them for the perfect day. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t or shouldn’t work with them. The perfect time? It’s now. Spin them. Knit them. Love them. You just never know what tomorrow will bring, so spend your time working on the projects you really love. Today. And everyday. The next round of beauty is most likely just around the corner…

20130728-111536.jpgDid I add a few braids onto my week one TdF prize? Yep, I did…

Just around the corner indeed…

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  1. A good lesson for all crafters, I think 🙂 I do the exact same thing with all my craft supplies, but you’re right, and I think I’m going to make an effort not to do it anymore!

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