Of Summer Days, Change, & Unicorns

As I enjoy a rest day in the Tour de Fleece, I find myself reflecting in awe on the past couple weeks.  After getting back from our South Dakota vacation, I hopped almost right into Le Tour & as with everything I take on I have not done so lightly.  I have spun almost 40oz of fiber — in yarn, that’s just shy of 2000yards. Yes, two-thousand yards. My hands are a bit tired believe it or not. I am used to knitting daily, but daily spinning has never been something I’ve attempted. On accident I missed the first rest day last Monday, so this is my first day not spinning since June 29th. Wowza.

I started my ‘rest day’ with an early wake-up call — my darling husband brought me coffee in bed. He is in the process of transitioning to a new job (A promotion! Should I compare it to my fantastic showing in the TDF? LOL!  The promotion is a clearly a much bigger deal –way to go, my love!). As with any job transition there is a lot happening. As he steps up at work, I do my best to keep things at home running smoothly — keeping the house & grounds in order, running the kids ragged, and trying to help with little things like day off and vacation planning ideas & execution where needed.  Until this morning, we haven’t had a ton of time or energy to sit and talk in the last week or so. It was so very nice to get back onto the same page & catch up.

The early rising also set me & the kids up to make a playground run before the heat of the day set in. Our nearest playground got new equipment this week, so we got there by 8am. Unfortunately I am at the point in summer where I feel a bit overdosed on vitamin D. I may be one of the few people on earth who complains about spending too much time in the sun, but it is true. I slather on sunscreen, hide in the shade & under giant hats & sunshirts, and try to avoid the mid-day sun, but I am at that moment in summer where I dream of the sun hanging lower in the sky. Suffice to say, I am thankful for a membership to the local family indoor pool. I think it will save my life!

In any case, when not helping my kids learn how to swing on monkey bars, I used the playground as a chance to get started on my July installment of the MerryKAL. Obviously I have been crazy busy spinning and have only touched my needles when I’ve been on the road. It was nice to get some knitting in…


Sometimes you don’t realize how much you enjoy a project until you get back to it after stepping away for a time. Month 7 of 12 and I am still loving this knitalong. There has been some talk on the Ravelry thread about this month’s rocking horse becoming a… um… unicorn due to the two-color involvement in the decreases. I can’t wait to see what happens with mine!

Happy knitting, spinning, and resting friends!