Eyes on the Prize

I have been continuing to spin away in the Tour de Fleece. Today I finished plying & washed two new skeins of yarn.

This is my Cloudlover 50% SW merino/50% silk in the Nightshade colorway. It’s about 440yds of a fingering weight yarn with gorgeous drape.

It’s kind of like a slightly lighter version of the Cloudlover Illustrus colorway I spun last year.

This is my Cloudlover Falkland Top in the Cyprus colorway.

It’s about 160yds of a puffy, fluffy 2ply worsted. It’s so much more than I expected. It’s not that I had low expectations, the colors just are rich and vibrant spun up. I so enjoyed spinning this skein that I changed plans for my next spin – instead of one big neutral toned double-marl, I’m going to do two fluffy 2-ply yarns. I can see this yarn being awesome for mittens or a nice cozy cowl and — like I said — I just really enjoyed the spin. I naturally want to spin lighter yarns, so spinning the heavier singles is a little more challenging for me. I am really proud that for the first time since starting to spin I feel like I have much more control and consistency in the heavy weights. The next two spins will help me hone those skills.

It has been an interesting week for me on Team Cloudlover. I actually took the ‘yellow jersey’ so-to-speak for my team & won a braid of Cloudlover fiber for earning the most points (you earn point for each individual project you work on per day, double points for Cloudlover fibers). For my prize I chose a braid of Organic Polwarth/silk in the Magnolia colorway. I have no doubt it’ll be beautiful and I can’t wait to get it in my hands! Thanks so much Natalie!

This ‘win’ has left me really tempted to let myself get distracted from my personal goals. The grand prize of a Cloudlover Fiber Club subscription is kind of like a dream prize for me, but competition has gotten pretty stiff on my team. Not only are these some insanely talented spinners, there seem to be a lot of spinners who juggle lots of projects really getting on a roll. It is so inspiring to watch them work! While I could get super competitive for this awesome prize – it would be so easy to get crazy about this because I really, really want it – I’ve decided to stick with my normal focus & goals: two projects at a time max and spin to make beautiful yarn. If that wins me a prize, fantastic. If not, I have still made tremendous improvements in my spinning and the 10braids of Cloudlover fiber I started out with are now 2, both of which are already prepped to spin.

While my eyes may be on the prize I’m not likely to win, it’s not as though a loss will mean I’ll be completely without my beloved Cloudlover fiber… I fully intend to place a Cloudlover order this weekend after the promised shop update. You should, too!

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