Fiber Filled

It has really been all Tour de Fleece all the time here and my posts have reflected that over the last week. While I am very excited about my progress & even more enthusiastic to share with you, I thought I would take today’s post to write about the knitting I’ve been doing. Believe it or not, there has been quite a bit of that happening, too.

First, I thought I would share a project I finished and left blocking before my South Dakota trip: my Kit Camisole. I am happy to report that when I unpinned it and tried it on I was pleased. I think I may have even teared up a bit.

20130707-143316.jpgFirst, let me say that the fabric has an irresistible drape. It is so soft & light. It is so comfortable. The perfect summer fabric really. Quince & Co really outdid themselves with this 100% organic Italian linen. Sparrow, I am in love.20130707-143323.jpgI adore the back detail — it adds just a little elegance to the design.kit on meAnd the fit is just what I wanted. The drape & ease gently flowing over me in the quintessential linen camisole.

The photo of me wearing my beautiful, perfect Kit Camisole… well, I love my husband and I think we are a fantastic team in pretty much all aspects of our life. When it comes to photographing me wearing knitwear though… we need to work on it. Between my inability to not make a weird face or stand up straight without looking like I am trying to thrust my bosom forward and his ability to lose patience instantly while sticking me in light that makes my entire head of hair look completely grey (it is not, but in early attempts of this photo it did and I almost died) — it is just not great. In any case, enjoy this photo — it may not be perfect, but it was hard-earned.

In addition to wearing my Kit Camisole, I have been knitting like a fiend on my daughter’s Wispy Cardi as evidenced here…20130707-142241.jpgAnd here…20130707-142253.jpgYes, there has been some beach time this week — two days spent on the shores of Lake Michigan to be exact. They were gorgeous summery days — the kids played & swam, the husband read, the dog fetched in the big water, we picnicked, and I enjoyed nice long block of time to knit.20130707-142350.jpgI remember my own Wispy Cardi feeling like it kind of took forever — I absolutely love it, but it took a long time to make. I have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly this is knitting up — I suppose cutting the bust measurement in half will half that effect. In any case, I am nearing the end of the ribbing around the shrug portion and will be binding off for the ‘cardi’ addition shortly. I am actually kind of excited that I will surely wrap it up in time for school to begin. The only question is whether or not the bigger size I went with will fit my girl or if she’ll have to wait a few months — either way, I am pretty sure she is going to love it.

It has been a very fiber-filled week, indeed. Knitting away at the beach, spinning away at home. At times like these, I am so very thankful for my supportive & understanding family who accept the constant click of my needles & whir of my wheel. Speaking of that whirring, it’s time I get back to my latest spin.


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