Capitol Square Market Bag

Since I started spinning, I have usually sent my friend Rose handspun for birthday or holiday gifts. This year, however, when her birthday rolled around in spring I knew she had a move on the horizon and that she’d be prepping to begin her PhD work, so  her free time would be a little limited. I decided to knit for her. I rarely knit gifts, but this felt right.

I knew I wanted to send her some local coffee and I thought a market bag would be a nice addition. Obviously, I am a big fan of the design I did for Firefly Fibers, the Capitol Square Market Bag. I selected a bright turquoise in Cascade Ultra Pima because it reminded me of where Rose is moving from — Miami Beach — and where she is moving to– Albuquerque.

I started work on it the night before leaving for our South Dakota vacation.20130626-103243.jpgI used Judy’s Magic Cast-On — you don’t have to use it to begin this project, but it is really nice to have the seam-free bottom. And it’s super quick & neat.

I knit on it all the way across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.20130616-091546.jpgI’m kind of a lazy car knitter these days — watching scenery as much of the time as I am knitting, so I didn’t move super quickly.

I knit on it in the Badlands.

20130624-095234.jpgI knit on it in Custer State Park. And I wrapped it up in Custer SP at Sylvan Lake.

I will be honest — I had to take three passes at the Kitchener stitch at the end. Usually I can do Kitchener stitch in my sleep, but I was trying to finish right as we were starting to cook dinner and there were a lot of interruptions. Eventually it slipped over to the FO column.

20130626-100830.jpgI am pretty happy with the results.20130626-100842.jpgI hope Rose will be, too!

It’s in the mail, my dear — Enjoy!

For more detailed notes on this project, please go to my Ravelry project page!

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