New Heights

It is really hard to not write a full post from right here because I so would like to share every detail of my right now with you. Since I cannot do that, I will at least share this photo.

Reaching new heights in vacation perfection as I knit while birding and watching my kids scour the creek for life. I love proving that when it comes to knitting you can always take it with you.

13 thoughts on “New Heights

  1. Knitting and camping = total bliss. Did that last weekend while hubs basically, he caught dinner while I knit!

    1. I have had to get smarter about what I bring for the dustier/dirtier trips — I learned the hard way a couple years ago when I brought some too nice yarn on a very dusty trip. I have learned to select projects appropriately now though & really, truly love knitting while camping!

  2. I’ve just taken my knitting on a plane for the first time. My needles didn’t get confiscated and nobody stopped me from knitting. I got a lot done and feel emboldened to knit on planes now! Have a wonderful holiday.

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