Go Team Cloudlover!

Recently while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw that Natalie from Cloudlover Yarn & Fiber was inquiring about interest in a ‘Tour de Fleece’ team. At the risk of embarrassing myself I had to ask what the Tour de Fleece was — with my newbie status as a spinner & general obliviousness, I had never heard of it. Natalie graciously explained that at its core it is an event that encourages spinners to spin daily each day the athletes in the Tour de France are biking. You join a team or teams and each team has different rules and/or prizes.

I was pretty much instantly hooked on the idea — what a fun way/excuse to dig into the fiber stash & spin away!

A week or so later, Natalie opened up the sign-up for Team Cloudlover 2013. As long as it took me to hop on over to Ravelry — that’s how long it took me to join. I’m not the fastest spinner, but I can’t wait to delve into these beauties…





chimera III…and Chimera III

They have been patiently waiting for me tucked away in my stash and I am so glad to have an excuse & challenge to spin them up.

As I said, different teams have different rules. One thing that I love about Team Cloudlover is that you don’t have to spin only Cloudlover fiber. You earn extra points for spinning it, but you can spin whatever fiber you choose. Post photos daily to earn points toward prizes — more yarns = more points, but there will also be general drawings so that those who don’t accumulate lots of points still have the chance to win. For the full details, check out the Team Cloudlover 2013 Ravelry thread here. Beware though — you will probably be tempted to join! Tour de Fleece runs from June 29th through July 21, so sign up today and start making your preparations!

Oh, did I mention that there will be specials & promotions for participants during the event? Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Never spun with Cloudlover fiber before? Well, check out the online shop and pick up a braid to try! Not a spinner? Natalie dyes yarns, too, so knitters should hop over the the shop as well. As I always say, Natalie’s fiber & yarns make my job as a spinner & knitter so easy — everything ends up looking lovely! I would love to take all the credit, but I really can’t. Natalie does an amazing job!

I hope you can join us on Team Cloudlover 2013 — I promise to post lots of progress photos here as well as on the Ravelry thread. I can barely wait to begin!


Many thanks to Natalie for giving me permission to reproduce the team’s image — she reminded me to let you know that you can use the image as Ravelry avatar. Go Team Cloudlover!

7 thoughts on “Go Team Cloudlover!

  1. Isn’t it such a great way to work on stash? I will be participating this year as well, though with Team Loop! Mostly because my Loop! stash is quite extensive and I’d love to spin it up.

    Of course, I won’t actually be able to spin every day, a good portion of that time I’ll be spinning on my bike. I figure that still counts, it is in the spirit of the entire thing.

      1. So much fun, so very different than what you are spinning now. The bullseye bumps AND the clouds are wonderful. Yes, do try!

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