Work & Play & Playing Catch-up

Summer is such a busy time for us. We spend lots of time outdoors investigating & playing.

970340_10151420018262000_570215334_nThis photo was taken by Mr Knitting Sarah on a quick trip to a local park. The days not like this are spent on the chores of life — you know, laundry, dishes, cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc. Sometimes I long for rainy days just so summer will slow down a little.

Today there is a bit of a drizzle, so now that I have the laundry nearly under control I am stealing a few minutes to quickly follow-up on a post from last week.

Remember this fab markers?

red heidi edit

They are totally my favourite!

I wanted to let you know that I got the nicest response from Margaret at Heidi & Lana a couple days ago — she is always so prompt & sweet in her emails!  I mentioned her stitch markers in one of my last posts and I wanted to follow up with some more information for anyone who might be interested in these lovely tools. Although her Etsy shop is a little light on stitch markers now, Margaret assures me that replenishing is on her to-do list. She also confirmed that she is always happy to do custom orders. I have nothing but great things to say about dealing with Margaret & about her markers and I am sure you will have the same experience.  I am definitely mulling over what color markers to pick next — it seems I use my small set a lot and could use a contrast color. Oh, and of course, follow her brick & mortar shop’s Facebook page — she always posts fun ideas & projects there!

I hope you’ll give these markers a try — they are the best!

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