It was eight years ago today that I woke up around 12:30am jumping out of bed & yelling at my husband.

“Why would you kick me in the back?!” I yelled, beyond irritated.

Dumbfounded he replied, “I didn’t.” And he looked at me like I had finally completely lost my mind.

Three hours later I was holding my son in my arms, four weeks earlier than expected.

aldo bornI remember this photo, this moment like it was yesterday. The surreal sunrise at the end of the night I never slept. At this moment it was all real. I was a mum. I hadn’t so much as changed a diaper in my life, let alone cared for newborn. As it happens though, what they say about motherhood is true: when that baby arrives you are instantly and irrevocably changed and you will do anything for that little person.

aldo blanket

Like knit a giant transportation blanket just because he asked you to….

aldo ball winderAnd let him try to wind your yarn even though the odds of him sending it sailing across the room are high…

aldo hatAnd knit him a hat in his favourite color .

When I look at this eight-year-old boy, my heart swells — someday it might just burst through my chest. I couldn’t be prouder of the young man my first baby is growing into and I feel lucky every day that I get to be his mum.

I love you, Aldo — Happy Birthday!

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      1. No, thank you. You have been endlessly supplying me with words of encouragement and writing a blog that has me aiming higher and higher in my own work.

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