Tipping Point

I proved something to myself this week. The tipping point from feeling stalled to really starting to cruise on a sweater is not inconsequential. Two weeks ago I was starting over on my Kit Camisole thanks to sizing and gauge issues. Eight or nine days ago I had barely gotten beyond the linen stitch edge at the bottom and the ‘What was I thinking when I started this project?‘ internal interrogations began. Six days ago I literally thought I might not survive this project. Last night I joined what might be my final skein and started in on the linen stitch at the bust.20130608-081515.jpgI kind of can’t believe it.

So how did this happen? A large part was the playdate/sit & knit I went on with my daughter on Monday. It got me through the hardest middle part of this project &  f i n a l l y  let me hit my stride. Another key, is that with my kids’ school year ending I have had to switch my exercise routine from midday to evening. Now instead of winding down when I tuck my little ones in for the night, I have just gotten home from a workout and am completely wired. I end up awake for hours, clicking away late into the night. This last part is great for knitting progress, not so awesome when I have to wake up in the morning. I am hopeful my body will settle on a slightly earlier bedtime sooner than later, but for the time being I am pretty excited to have made such good progress on this project. I no longer have nightmares of finishing this beautiful linen camisole just in time for the first frost of fall. No, I will get some good wear out of it this summer. The fact that I can barely wait to do so further drives progress. What a great cycle to be stuck in!

I have opted to knit my Kit Camisole at a slightly tighter gauge, so I have had to make a couple minor modifications. Namely I had to add some length to the main body. I didn’t overthink this too much as the fit is meant to be quite loose. Once I completed the decreases I used the schematic to calculate how short I was on the overall body length. Knowing the linen stitch at the bust was to start 1.5″ short of the 17.5″ of total body length I was supposed to have, I just knit even until I was at about 16″ — in my case that was an extra 12rounds. I may throw in a little extra on the 1.5″ of linen stitch for good measure, but we’ll see what it looks like when I get there. I like longer, tunic-length shirts, so I would rather go a bit long than a bit short.

I have indeed been using my Heidi & Lana stitch markers.

20130608-090317.jpgI came across Heidi & Lana stitch markers last year while holiday shopping & along with giving them as gifts I have managed to get myself completely hooked on them. Not literally, because they are really & truly 100% snag-free, but… well, you know what I mean. They are pretty without getting in the way while I knit and come in perfect size ranges and they’re snag-free. I can’t really ask for anything else in a stitch marker!

I checked in at the Heidi & Lana Etsy Shop and there wasn’t a ton up there. I know the owner Margaret recently opened up a brick & mortar shop, so I’m not sure if she intends to keep up with the Etsy one or can still do custom orders — I sent an email asking, but it was pretty short notice for this post, so I’ll let you know when I hear back. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the Sebring, Ohio area go visit Heidi & Lana — it looks like a super cute shop & there are always lovely ideas posted up on their Facebook page. I wish I could visit!

Unfortunately the 9hour drive to Heidi & Lana is not on my agenda for this weekend, but attempting to finish up my Kit Camisole is. Did I mention I’ve already cast-on another project? Yeah, that happened in one of the darker moments of Kit knitting. It is the Midnight Shrug by Carol Feller & I am knitting it in Sweet Georgia Superwash DK in the Riptide colorway.

20130602-162025.jpgAfter a few bumps in the road to start (I’ll explain more later…), it is coming along just swimmingly. The yarn is absolutely dreamy & the pattern is turning out quite nicely. I was strong though and put it on hold now that I am moving forward so well on Kit. Sometimes it is so hard to be me, having to choose between two such lovely projects… It’s one burden I hope to bear for many years to come.

10 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. Do you make notes for future projects? This might help. I know how hard it is to remember the pitfalls from past difficult projects.

    1. Oh yes, of course! I keep pretty detailed notes and I do try to upload them on to the Ravelry project page when they might also help others. I just sometimes fail to take my own advice/heed my own warnings. 😉

      1. I like to think of it as suffering from an excess of enthusiasm and optimism. While it occasionally gets me into trouble, I suppose there are worse things…

      2. Yes indeed but it is annoying and discouraging when making a project, to find that it was designed for an elephant or a dwarf and certainly no-one who looked the slightest bit like me! Mostly I am disappointed with the quality of yarns so lately I’ve only been buying the best or making my own.

  2. I truly admire your patience! I am a worsted weight knitter through & through. I don’t even have the patience for socks! Congrats on rounding the tail end of your cami. It’s coming out lovely!

    1. Thanks! I bounce around between weights a lot – I will admit that I would love to have a deeper ‘bench’ for worsted weight in sweater quantities. I always rationalize away from that – but I am trying to change that!

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