May Merry KAL Wrap-Up

Well knitters, how is your Merry KAL knitting coming for May? I know I have written about how hectic this month has been at my house and I’m sure that’s true for many of you. I have to say that as I sat outside in the sun a few days ago watching my kids ride their bikes in shorts & t-shirts Christmas could not have felt farther away. And yet, I sat with a project bag full of polyester stuffing rounding out & finishing up my Christmas balls for May. I will admit that it made me smile.

Can I admit something else to you? It’s pretty silly. Whenever I put the finishing touches on one of these ornaments, I think of sleigh bells ringing.  You know how in a Christmas movie they might be counting down days to the holiday and to count down the days & bridge each to the next they might use sleigh bells as a short, few seconds of interlude? Like that. Like this:

That makes me smile, too.

In any case, without further ado, my finished May Merry KAL balls (feel free to listen to the sleigh bells after each picture).

First, Christmas Ball #14: X’s and O’s Version 1.

green xosI really enjoyed knitting this one — so much fair isle action!

may starAnd I just love the detail at the top & bottom of the ball — the little star created by the increasing & decreasing is lovely.

And second, Christmas Ball #15: X’s and O’s Version 2.

red xosI found this one to be a pretty fun in that there was no shaping in the colorwork. Easy peasy, as they say.

two ballsAnd here they are, May’s pair. You can see the ball on the right is a bit smaller — my shaping was clearly not as snug when I had colorwork in the mix. No worry though — I don’t really mind if they vary a bit in size. As we’ve been discussing this month on the Ravelry thread, with all things knitting gauge changes over time for many reasons. Skill level, stress level, time available to knit with, needles, yarns, interruptions — it can all effect gauge.

may all ballsThese ‘all ball’ photos are getting harder and harder to take — they all want to roll away on me! Time to find a tree to hang them on I think! There they all are though — 5 months & 8 Christmas balls complete…

See you tomorrow for the June Merry KAL announcement!

4 thoughts on “May Merry KAL Wrap-Up

  1. Beautiful Sarah! I think I messed up my decreases at the top of my #14 ball, yours looks much neater than mine, but I’ll just drape some tinsel over that bit!

    1. Or put it really high upon the tree! In all honesty, I didn’t notice the ‘star’ at the top until I sat down to photograph it. I thought it was pretty neat though!

  2. Oooh very nice. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the ball with the solid top and bottom half – although it was quite easy, I love how it looks 🙂

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