Sunset. Campfire. Knitting.

I think it will always be amazing to me that I can sit in front of a campfire and write a little post. Ahhhh…

Today was pretty productive here. I managed my chores, my swim, an anniversary treat delivery to Alisa & Mike at Firefly Fibers (happy 3rd anniversary guys!), and still managed to spin 6oz of my Dyeabolical Portugese Merino in the Paris, At Last colorway.

Here’s the first 4oz – so deceiving because there are some truly fab pinks, greys, and whites hidden on this bobbin.

And this is the next 2oz – you can get an idea of what lies within the first bobbin from this. It’s so lovely!

I have 2oz left to go in this my first fractal spin and I have to say I have learned three things:

1) Spinning a fingering/sport weight single after months of lace weight is not exactly an easy shift for me. It was a little unwieldy at first to say the least.

2) Production of a fingering/sport weight single feels instantaneous after the months of lace weight.

3) I have nothing but good things to say about both my Dyeabolical fiber and the Portugese Merino. More details on that once my yarn is complete…

For now, though, I am going to enjoy the sunset, my kids playing outside, my little fire, and my knitting.

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    1. I am dying to ply! Out of town tonight visiting my parents (read: mowing my parents’ lawn), but am hoping to ply tomorrow night or Monday. I know it will be a bit uneven in spots, but I can’t wait to see the final outcome!

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