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    • I am quite smitten, but a little concerned because a fair bit of dye came off on my hands with the darker blue at the center of the first bobbin. Any brilliant advice for dealing with bleeding other than quick dunk in cold water to wash & set?

      • Most likely, if it is from a reputable dyer you’ve used before, the bleeding won’t be an issue. You can add a good glug of vinegar to your water when you wash and set, it will help. If you are very concerned, a tiny bit of blue dawn detergent, followed up by a glug of vinegar in your rinse should really set the entire thing to your preference.

      • It was fiber that was a gift & I haven’t used the dyer before, so I have my doubts. 😦 Thanks for the advice — I have the feeling I will need it!

  1. You are a bright & shining star! I look forward to every post so I’ve seriously nominated you for this “Super Sweet Blogging Award”… woohoo! ❤

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