Mother’s Day at the Beach

I hope all you mothers out there had a great holiday yesterday. My little band of adventurers & I made the 2hour drive to spend ours visiting my mum & dad. They’ve lived in the same house since before they had children, so it was also a return to my own childhood home. It is a beautiful property which they’ve spent a lifetime building.  Growing up I always took a little for granted that the great Lake Michigan churns away only 5miles from their doorstep. Most of my years living there were spent in the lakeshore communities near their house and the lake was never more than a couple miles away. Because of it, nothing quite feels the same to me as being on a beach. Ocean or big lake, the beach is just home.

Knowing this, after a huge lunch my husband proposed we hop in the car and make the short drive to the nearby beach. While my girl & Moose stayed behind to keep my dad company, my mum, husband, son, and I piled into the car for a walk along the beach.  Of course, I snapped some photos to share with you.

20130513-085340.jpgOnly a few yards into our walk I found this lovely sea glass….

20130513-085350.jpgWhile my animal loving son discovered some bleached remains. To my eye, very lovely — a Great Lakes spin on Georgia O’Keefe.

20130513-085406.jpgHow do you not love this type of lakeshore?

20130513-085430.jpgI love to build cairns. The balancing act brings me such peace.

20130513-085444.jpgThe beach can bring so may different elements together and make them look so natural in each other’s arms.

20130513-090335.jpgWe even found a little pocket of quicksand — endless fun for the boys, terrifying for Grandma.

20130513-090327.jpgThe only thing missing was the briney smell of saltwater. I love the lake, but the salty aroma of the ocean has a hold of my heart always.

20130513-090343.jpgAfter our walk, we took some time to play. Grandma enjoyed the swings while my husband taught my son to climb a tree…

20130513-090408.jpg… As well as how to jump out ‘safely’…


… and I snapped a picture of this willow — it looks more like a sketch than reality to me…

20130513-090400.jpg… And the proper scenic vista vantage point.

Really, this was such a nice little walk.

I didn’t knit much over the weekend since we were visiting, but I did gain a little real estate on my Kit Camisole — an appropriate knit for a weekend involving the beach, no?

20130513-100258.jpgI have been coming in a bit tight on gauge, but there is a lot of stretch in the fabric so I kept going over the weekend. This morning the suspense was killing me regarding how it would fit, so I tried it on (hence the visible slipped stitches on the needles). I am happy to report that the fit is looking just fine and especially considering it should relax with washing I am pretty confident it will be ok. This is not to say I won’t at some point still decide to rip back and start over. Stranger things have happened…. We shall see!

I really can’t say enough good things about this linen — Quince & Co’s Sparrow. It is so incredibly lovely and just a joy to work with — I kind of never thought I would say that about a linen! Sure, I have used very nice linens to knits up into beautiful sweaters and things, but they have often been taxing on my hands. Worth the effort to be sure, but there was some effort involved. This one… it is effortless and I just love every stitch. I am also very, very excited to see Hannah Fettig’s new collection, Knitbot Linen, which solely uses Sparrow in its designs. Ms Fettig’s talented designs combined this wonderful yarn is sure to be hit. I can’t wait!

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