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    1. It has been cold here, too! I get more than a few funny looks letting my kid wear a Santa dress in April, but when my son was young I let him wear a Superman costume Christmas Eve. I give them pretty wide artistic license in their clothing selections!

  1. I think her outfit is sweet and I wish as adults we could dress like this/how-we-truly-feel and not get funny looks or just not care! 🙂

    My 25mos old is refusing to go outside (in Iowa) without her stocking cap on now even though it is FINALLY spring and she is roasting in it. Winter lingered far too long here.

    1. One perk of being a stay-at-home mom is that I tend to go with my impulse fashion-wise since I don’t have to conform for work. That being said, I am pretty tame compared to my girl!

      And don’t worry, as your neighbor just to the east i get your prolonged winter pain. My daughter is the same way with hats & sweaters – so I made her a cotton blend hat & short-sleeved sweater in pinks she can’t resist. 😀

      1. I definitely need to knit up a cotton hat for summer for my little lady. Working hard to finish her Bulle tunic/sweater for summer, too. It’s going to be cold here again this week…I wish spring would hold. 🙂

      2. The tunic looks adorable! I used Rowan’s Belle Organic Cotton DK for my daughter’s hat and she loves it. I also used Knitbot’s Yoked Cardi with short sleeves for a summer sweater.

        I don’t mind the cool weather, but cold rain is my nemesis!

      3. Wind is mine. I live in the wrong part of the US to not like wind! Thank you for the yarn tip! I love DK weight for caps. I’ll be buying the Rowan you mentioned this week for June’s summer cap. 🙂

      4. Funny how there’s always something!

        Yay! It is a pricier DK cotton/wool, but I’ve been really happy with how it has worn. I like that there’s a bit of wool in it so it doesn’t just stretch out of shape like crazy.

    1. She does & the style totally suits her personality!

      Thank you! At the rate I am going and our slow warm-up this “spring” I may even get to wear it a bit this spring!

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