See Sarah Knit.

Since we only have a few days before that April 30th deadline for the Merry KAL and it’s fabulous GIVEAWAYS this month, I thought I would share something special today to inspire anyone who hasn’t finished up (or started…) their ball yet.  For those who have — they look great and as always I am so inspired by your work!

As a treat — I hope — today you get to visit me at my kitchen table and see stranded colorwork on my needles & in my hands. This is not an instructional video, nor is it me being super precious about knitting perfectly for you. It’s just a glimpse of the materials I am using & my personal knitting style. Please keep in mind that while I have often photographed my hands for class handouts this is my first ever knitting video. I did not have much time for fancy editing because I wanted to get this video up sooner than later. I did my best to not ramble too much and to keep everything in focus and to knit as naturally as is possible with a camera & tri-pod between my hands — no small feat for me on any count! I promise to work on my video skills in the future, but for today I hope you enjoy this little clip.

Now remember next Tuesday is the cut-off to be entered in our GIVEAWAY for the April Merry KAL Christmas ball — it is co-sponsored by the wonderful Martine at iMake, so of course the prizes are lovely. As always, you are welcome to knit the ball I have chosen or any ball of you like — keeping in the spirit of this very flexible KAL all you have to do is knit one Christmas ball, share it on our Ravelry thread, & you will be entered into the mix to win one of our great prizes. It doesn’t get easier or more fun!

Happy Knitting!

6 thoughts on “See Sarah Knit.”

  1. That was fun! I knit continental and yet my 2 stranded knitting looks exactly like yours. Looking forward to the May pattern!

  2. Your idea of putting highlighter tape on the chart to keep track is genius! Off to visit office supplies store on the weekend.

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