A Time for Change

About two and a half years ago Alisa at Firefly Fibers asked me to teach knitting at her shop. As the story goes, I think I laughed and said no. Within a couple weeks though we were sitting down to coffee discussing class ideas with great enthusiasm. I have been in the classroom almost weekly since. It has been an amazing two and half years in which I learned a lot — about knitting, about teaching, about yarn, about people, and about friendship. Outside of my family, there is little I love as much as helping students learn new techniques & conquer knitting challenges. I find it so very rewarding to keep this craft alive by sharing my own enthusiasm and expertise. Anyone who knows me, knows the former is abundant in spades at all times.  The absolute best is helping fellow knitters find their own love of this craft that is such an integral part of my life. Whether they love making dishcloths or scarves, lacework or sweaters, socks or hats; I just adore the pride & accomplishment in a student knitters’ eyes when they have made the craft their own.

I am the kind of person who when I commit to something or someone, they get all of me. It is not really in me to do anything part-way or with anything less than all my energy & passion — and all that energy & passion is not insubstantial. Teaching knitting has been no different — I put my all into handouts, samples, & presentation. I have been fortunate in the tremendous support given me by Firefly Fibers as I mastered the craft of teaching, trying new classes & learning different techniques. I would not be the knitter — or the person — I am today without this experience.

Like teaching, I have great devotion to my friends and family. Over the past year I have faced many changes within my family; illness, job changes, my youngest child entering school just to name a few. Because of my tremendous loyalty to & very good friendship with Alisa, the owner of Firefly Fibers,  I have spent the last 9months trimming my teaching schedule to accommodate changes at home. I could have just walked away, but Alisa has been unbelievably accommodating & kind at every turn, making changes to my teaching schedule when necessary & offering moral support every step of the way. She did it for the good of her business, but also because we have a very strong friendship, one I think we both hold very dear. I stayed for the love of teaching & because I knew my departure would be hard for her in many ways.

We have reached a turning point, however, my dear knitting friends. At of the end of my current contract at the end of June, I will no longer be teaching at Firefly Fibers. There is one very simple reason for this change: I need to be home with my family. My first job is that of homemaker. Despite the flexibility afforded me by Alisa which has made my tenure as knitting instructor possible, I have reached the point at which my family needs me at home full-time again. So, home is where I must be.

I will not deny that I have some very mixed feelings about this change. I love teaching & have so enjoyed working with all of my students. To each of you who has been in the classroom with me, I offer a very heartfelt thank you. It has been incredible. I am excited, though, to be there for my family with the flexibility to be exactly where they need me to be when they need me to be there. I know I am so very fortunate that this is an option and that I have the unwavering support & understanding of my family, Alisa & her husband Mike, and all my friends at Firefly Fibers in this choice.

Some things that will not change will be that my remaining classes will have all my energy & passion in their preparation & execution. I will continue to share ideas with Alisa (it is hard for knitting friends to not do this and when you suffer from as much enthusiasm as I have, it may actually be impossible) and I will still lend a hand with sample knitting at Firefly Fibers from time to time.  I will continue to blog regularly & write about all my adventures in knitting & spinning. I will also keep my Knitting Sarah Facebook Page & Twitter account live so you can easily keep track of my knitting shananigans. Locals will still catch me shopping at my local yarn shop. And Alisa & I will still enjoy the occasional afternoon or evening knitting together when schedules allow.

You know what they say, when one door closes, another opens. I am pretty sure whatever the next chapter holds for me, it will be big and bright. I have no doubt that Firefly Fibers will thrive, too. Thank you again to Alisa & Mike at Firefly Fibers and everyone who has taken classes with me over the last two and a half years. It has been a delight!

As always, Happy Knitting!


7 thoughts on “A Time for Change

  1. This was hard to read…I feared what was coming next. You have been an amazing instructor (you have set the bar very high), friend and person to know! I hope I am fortunate enough to bump into at the shop on occassion. I fully support the decision you have made for yourself and your family, but it does not mean you will be missed any less! Thank you for all you have given to me, the shop, and all your students!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Michelle! I have really enjoyed the job and I will definitely miss it and all the wonderful people I get to see & work with. I will keep contributing via my blog, so I won’t *really* be going too far!

  2. Sarah, we met many years ago during another time in our lives! It was you who got me back in the knitting mode, and I have to say that you have created a (nice) monster. The techniques and tips I have learned from you in classes and one on one are so valuable to me! I can hear your voice reminding me on the proper way to solve my knitting problems!!! And to top this off is the wonderful help received from Alisa is awesome. She will suggest projects that takes me out of my comfort zone. However we both understand that our family comes first. You have a super husband and awesome children who need your attention now. Just promise that we can still keep in touch!!! Ours is a friendship I don’t want to lose. You challenge me! That is something I need. Best wishes to you, your family, Alisa and Mike! You are good people!!

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