A Tale of Two Hats

Once upon a time there was a knitter who loved hats. She wore hats pretty much every day regardless of the season. She’d wear them oustide, inside, around the house, while shopping, even — in the coldest months — to bed. Because she loved hats so, she was always making them — for herself, her family, her friends… you name the person, she had probably knit them a hat. Aside from her darling husband and children, there was no one she knit more hats for though than for herself. It was a guilty pleasure, but one that she reveled in.

One long winter, she added some very special hats to her wardrobe.

First, a pattern & kit from the esteemed Churchmouse Yarns & Teas: The Loft Beret.

Using the interwebs, she purchased a kit in the spring of 2012 directly from Churchmouse’s website. She worked on it on and off for months.CM beret in bt

She posted photos on her blog multiple times of the work in progress. She actually completed it once and then ripped back all the way to the portion worked even — her gauge was ever so slightly tight & the hat was just unrealistically small for winter use in her very chilly homeland. So she ripped back & doubled the length. She was happy with the results.close-upShe loved the tweed…

top viewespecially the flecks of bright red.

The Brooklyn Tweed Loft was very lovely to work with — trying it out was her main reason for making this hat. The yarn was well made and beautiful and of course she loved that it was American wool. She had a thing for local things, so domestic wool was always a special treat.

The second hat she made using a tried and true and beloved pattern: Hannah Fettig’s Simple Beret.

top viewShe made it using Malabrigo Rios in — you guessed it — the Paris Night colorway. Paris Night was her favourite, if you didn’t know it.

close-upShe just loved the simple little details that make this pattern great.

It was also the first time she’d worked with Malabrigo Rios — it was every bit as amazing as she knew it would be.

She washed and blocked her hats. She broke them in. She wore them every day. She loved them.

From that day forward, the knitter never had a chilly head or icy ears. She enjoyed even the coldest seasons without catching a cold.  She played with her sweet puppy & darling children in the snow for hours without complaint. One might say that she lived hat-fully ever after.

The End.

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  1. When I first learned to crochet, all I made were hats. My boyfriend tried to tell me I had to many hats — lies. You can never have to many hats. And if they are so comfy you can fall asleep in them, the better!

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