The More the Merrier!

I’m sure I am not the only one taking down holiday decorations today. In some ways it is a relief to get the house back to normal, but on the flip side it is a little bittersweet to say good-bye to the wonder and excitement of the holidays. As I was restoring my workspace this morning (it gets tucked away to make room for the tree), I came across a book. And then a memory came rushing back. And then motivation took hold of me.

A few months ago I was teaching an intermediate colorwork class at Firefly Fibers. The group was fantastic and picked up the material very quickly, so toward the end of class I grabbed some books from the store shelves and started showing them what they could tackle next. In the stack of colorwork books I grabbed was 55 Christmas Balls to Knit by Arne & Carlos. We talked about how perfect this would be for a knitalong — knit a ball a month and when December rolls around you have 12  ornaments completed which can be given as gifts or used to decorate your own tree or home (there are some pretty sweet non-tree uses for these balls in the book!). Well, folks, I am doing it & I’m inviting anyone and everyone to join me!

main photo

55 Christmas Balls to Knit: Colorful Festive Ornaments, Tree Decorations, Centerpieces, Wreaths, & Window Dressings

by Arne & Carlos

Each of these balls is knit using sport weight yarn & using US size 2.5/3mm needles. Instructions for gauge as well as how to work each ball is included in the text.

I will be using Cascade 220 Sport unless otherwise listed.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

January’s installment is…

Christmas Ball #1, page 35

“Snow Crystal”

This month — being the first month — I wanted to keep it simple. A lovely, lovely snowflake. Classic, traditional, and very appropriate for this time of year where I live!

Happy New Year & Happy Knitting!

27 thoughts on “The More the Merrier!”

  1. Love this. I might add it to my top 12 for 2013. I’m to trying to narrow down my projects that I want to make…so hard to choose! I want to focus on getting at least 12 projects completed. Maybe this will be it.

  2. I would love to join in your 2013 Christmas KAL! I actually got Arne and Carlos’s book *last* Christmas but never got around to starting anything. I think I’m just a little bit scared of colourwork. Off to look for some red and white yarn!

    1. Hi Sarah, hope you don’t mind, I’ve linked to your post from my little blog so you might get some people joining up from Australia.

  3. Too funny Sarah! I too was taking down my decorations on the same day. Well since I was in that class and supported the idea then I better join in the knit-a-long. Had the red already from the first two stranded knitting class, picked up some cream/white while out today so I am set to cast on tomorrow. We’ll see how this goes. Need to knit more than just ornaments this year : ). So little time for all the options… Way to follow through on the idea and get us going, thanks Teach!!

  4. This is a great idea! I am going to borrrow the idea. A few years ago I bought a kit from KnitPicks which contains about 10 different knitted ornaments. I have yet to start any of them, but knitting one a month is so manageable. So I am going to borrow your idea, with your permission!

    1. Oh sure! If you are blogging about it or sharing with friends, feel free to share a link to my site & this knitalong, too. As I said, the more the merrier!

      And btw, thanks so much for asking permission and glad I inspired you a bit!

    1. Never too late to start! And do let me/the discussion thread know if you have any questions. Like I said, the group is really great. Wen I started the KAL I didn’t know if anyone would join me, but I feel very lucky to be knitting with such a wonderful group of knitters from so many corners of the world!

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