Zing Pow!

There are a lot of things I love about Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. It is undeniable that the colors are to-die for. Although subtle in the hank, when you knit them up they have a certain unique something… there is an energy & life to the color, a really distinct personality that you just don’t find in any other yarn out there. On the company’s  blog the owner, Felicia Lo, is described as being  “driven by an obsessive, passionate and often tumultuous relationship with colour.” It shows in every skein dyed by this artisan company. This is color that comes not just from deep understanding of visual appeal, but firm grasp of craft and passion for creating something really special.

The awesome doesn’t stop with color. The folks at Sweet Georgia pride themselves on selecting quality yarns and fibers, too. The superwash merino/nylon blend of Tough Love Sock feels much more luxurious than I would normally expect from such a blend. Knitting with it was really, incredibly enjoyable and the drape you can get from this yarn is just fabulous. Add in the knowledge that the nylon will lend toughness & durability and it easily makes Tough Love Sock one of the most versatile fingering weight yarns available for knitters. In short, if you haven’t tried it, you really ought to get on that.

A couple  months ago I was given a skein of Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock & tasked with finding a project for it. As it was destined to be a shop sample for Firefly Fibers, it had to be comfortably one skein & accessible to multiple skill levels. My goal was to find a pattern that was a little more challenging than beginner level – something interesting to work on, but not overwhelming. Where I ended was Meghan Jackson’s Oh So Quiet. Named for the popular ’90s song of the same name by Bjork, Oh So Quiet is a skinny shawlette — just on the line between scarf & shawlette in my opinion — that is both sweet and edgy. Tiny cables bookend a subtly arching bias stockinette section. On the inner edge lie a series of triangles that remind me of shark teeth (this no doubt has more to do with the fact that my 7year-old son is obsessed with sharks than the actual appearance). The pattern is presented clearly with well-written notes & includes both charted and written directions. I do recommend reading the pattern through before beginning and using organizational tools — such as highlighter tape & row counters — to keep track of where you are at throughout, but I think that goes without saying for most of us when tackling a project with a couple moving parts.

Overall, it was one of the most fun projects I have worked on in a long time. In the finished shawlette, the marriage of Tough Love Sock (in Cherry) & Oh So Quiet proved to be just lovely — absolutely playing up the juxtoposition of sweet and edgy. As nice as an auto-pilot garter-type project can be sometimes, this project kept me interested throughout. Interested, but not consumed — because there is a  regularity to this design, once you get through the first couple repeats you can easily settle into a steady & comfortable rhythm.  My sentiments on this project can be summed up with a couple lyrics from its namesake:

‘it’s oh so quiet … and so peaceful until…. you fall in love …. zing pow!’

Zing pow!  Fall in love with Tough Love Sock & the Oh So Quiet shawlette today.

You can view my project details here on Ravelry.

Everything needed for this project available at Firefly Fibers in Beaver Dam, WI.

Many thanks to Firefly Fibers for allowing me to photograph in the shop!